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Joe Biden Says America Is Moving Backwards During 4th Of July Speech

Joe Biden Says America Is Moving Backwards During 4th Of July Speech

Within his speech, Biden pointed to the recent overturning of Roe v Wade as well as the gun violence that is plaguing the country.

Joe Biden used his Independence Day speech to highlight how America is ‘moving backward’ in the wake of recent events.

Within his speech, the United States President pointed to the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, which will see the outlaw of abortion in many US states, as well as the gun violence that is plaguing the country.

In front of military families at the White House, he said: “In recent days, there has been reason to think that this country is moving backward, that freedom has been reduced, that rights we assumed were protected are no longer.

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"I know it can be exhausting and unsettling. But tonight, I want you to know we're going to get through all of this."

‘Exhausting and unsettling’ is certainly the way to describe it, with his speech coming just one week after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion. 

The law had been upheld for half a century, with the overturn seeing 13 states ‘trigger ban’ abortion already, with more expected to follow.

The Supreme Court Justice's decision sparked protests across the country. 

While his 'moving backwards' comment would likely anger his critics, especially on the fourth of July, Joe Biden said the country has always been ‘a work in progress’. 

The President also seemingly touched on yet another mass shooting that happened on Independence day parade in Chicago. 

Biden continued: “You all heard about what happened today. And each day we’re reminded, there’s nothing guaranteed about our democracy, nothing guaranteed about our way of life and we have to fight for it, defend it.”

The Highland Park parade began at 10:00 am. Just 10 minutes later, the parade was reportedly halted after several shots were heard being fired.

According to Highland Park Police, six people were killed in the shooting and at least 24 people have been injured.

Biden recently introduced a bipartisan bill that included actions to help tighten gun reform, however, in the wake of the most recent shooting the President admitted there was ‘more work’ to do.

While it definitely seems difficult to mark some positives for the majority of Americans in this moment of time, Biden’s speech wasn’t all doom and gloom. 

Despite all the challenges, Biden claimed America had ‘the strongest economy in the world’ and he also pointed to the progress that has been made since the pandemic.

He said: “Look how far we’ve come. Reclaiming our way of life from the pandemic.” 

A little bit of optimism in an otherwise dark time for Americans. According to an AP/NORC poll showed 85 per cent of the country believe America is on the wrong track.

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