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Ben Shapiro Left Stunned By Student's X-Rated Response During Debate

Ben Shapiro Left Stunned By Student's X-Rated Response During Debate

The conservative political commentator was momentarily speechless during a talk he was giving at a college

Ben Shapiro was given more than he bargained for when a student unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade at him during a heated debate at an event where he was speaking.

The conservative political commentator was giving a talk at a Young Americans Foundation event at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, when a student posed a question that quickly deteriorated into a war of words.

You watch it below, warning, strong language:

Speaking to what he presumably thought was a partisan crowd, Shapiro was given a shock when one student got on the mic and argued with him, before blasting him with a very NSFW insult when saying.

"You sound like a bozo bro," the student said as Shapiro repeatedly cut off his earlier, more measured words, before adding a remark about Shapiro's wife.

The student, named Quinton, explained that he was a maths and physics student and argued that Shapiro's arguments were incorrect because 'most of what you're saying is based on old data'.

Shapiro was stubborn in his refusal that it was and the two soon started sniping at each other before Quinton dropped his jaw-dropping comments.

The room collectively gasped with even the usually outspoken Shapiro seemingly lost for words, before trying to collect himself and continue the discussion.

Ben Shapiro.

Quinton went on to try to explain that 'gender binary is a western colonist's framework of gender', going on to use other cultures that do not recognise men and women in traditional gender roles as examples.

However, once again he was cut off by the 37-year-old, who said that other cultures are 'incorrect' for having a third gender or non-conforming gender roles.

At this point, Quinton tried to reiterate his education and the knowledge he had, but it was here that Shapiro lost his cool and snapped, "As a mathematician and physicist what in the hell do you know about human biology?"

Quinton tried to throw back the question to the speaker, asking him what made him qualified to speak about human biology since he has a law degree, but once again he was cut off and ultimately gave up trying to make Shapiro change his mind.

Back in July last year, two teachers in Oregon were fired after reaching out to the political commentator about trans bathroom policy.

Assistant Principal Rachel Damiano and Science teacher Katie Medart were fired from North Middle School after they reached out to the right-wing talking head to enquire whether he would consider being a ‘voice’ for their movement, which they had established to declare their belief that students should use bathrooms that correspond with their birth gender.

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