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MMA's first legless fighter defeats UFC champion Jon Jones in push-up contest
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@mmamania

MMA's first legless fighter defeats UFC champion Jon Jones in push-up contest

Zion Clark took on UFC heavyweight champion Zion Clark after his fight this weekend

Newly-crowned UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones lost out in a push-up contest with an MMA fighter who has no legs.

You can see the whole thing in the video down below:

Jones produced a stunning display at UFC 285 this weekend, submitting Ciryl Gane to take his heavyweight belt in MMA's biggest promotion.

However, after the fight he proved no match for legless MMA fighter Zion Clark when the pair faced off for a push-up contest.

Clark is an athletic phenomenon, given that he was born without legs but has still managed to become a high-level wrestler, even winning his own MMA debut recently and breaking a few Guinness World Records along the way.

Born with caudal regression syndrome, Clark has battled all his way to the professional fight game, winning his debut against an able-bodied opponent at an event in San Diego recently.

He’s a living triumph over adversity and has even claimed that he dreams of winning himself a world title in the octagon someday, much like Jones already has twice.

Clark won his debut fight.

When Hasbulla signed a contract with UFC, Clark tweeted: “No way Hasbulla got a UFC contract I literally fight guys twice my size and still win. If it true I’m throwing little man when I see him like a football.

“I swear then give me the contract DANA [White, UFC President] UNLESS YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE DISABLED LEVELING UP LIKE ME!!”

We’ll just wait and see what Dana does about that.

Anyway, the pair were set up backstage at the event in Las Vegas on Saturday night, starting out by matching each other rep for rep, push-up for push-up.

It quickly became clear that Jones couldn’t keep up with Clark, as the 25-year-old celebrated when Jones eventually gave up at the 40 mark.

Clearly, there’s not any animosity there though, as Jones and other MMA fighters have been queuing up to credit Clark.

Clark vs Jones in the push-up contest.

After his first win in the octagon, even Conor McGregor had praise for Clark, tweeting: “Absolutely fascinating to hear about this man’s debut and now see it. Lighting entry on the low single. Wow!

“You should not connect to him in any shape or form. Frames only. Frame to strike. “Fascinating! Congrats and so much respect to that man Zion Clark! MMA is the best sport!”

As for Jones, he’s the man to beat after three years away, and he used his post-fight interview to call out former champ Stipe Miocic.

The fans want to see him take on another former champ though, Francis Ngannou.

After the fight, the pair exchanged barbs on Twitter, calling each other names, but the fight is a long way off as Ngannou recently left the UFC over a contractual dispute.

He wants to gain a contract with the UFC.

On that, White said: “I tried to make that fight, it’s done, never going to happen.

“We tried to make that fight with him for three years. You’ve got to want that fight.

“We all want to see a fight, but the guys got to want the fight. Francis doesn’t want the fight and I can’t make him fight.”

Ngannou seems to have his eyes on a move to boxing, having called out Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua recently.

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