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Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments Penalise Players For Being Too Smelly

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments Penalise Players For Being Too Smelly

Many players have welcomed the change

While you might expect to lose a card game due to a lack of skill, you probably wouldn't think your personal hygiene would have much impact.

Well, if you're a keen Yu-Gi-Oh player, you will want to make sure you've had a wash before getting involved.

The popular trading card game updated its rulebook a few years back for tournaments held in the US.

And they added a new subsection, which stated that all players had to make sure they didn't smell.

In the updated rules, it says: "If you or your clothing is excessively dirty or bad-smelling, you can be penalised."

Writing on Reddit, one user expanded on the rule.

They added: "You are expected to be clean when you enter a tournament.

"Neglecting to wash or put on clean clothes contributes to an unpleasant atmosphere at the event, as the tournament can be crowded and the day can be long.

Rules for tournaments in the US changed a few years ago.

"Persons who neglect self-care to the point that they are negatively impacting the tournament may be asked to correct the issue in order to continue in the event."

Since news of the change was announced back in 2019, fans and players of the game have welcomed it with open arms.

However, some have questioned how it would actually work in practice.

"While I'm all for a hygiene rule, I am wondering how it will be enforced," wrote one. "If my opponent at X-1 smells like burnt fish, do i call a judge and say he smells bad?

"How does the judge verify this? What does that say about his previous opponents? Do they ALL get smell checked?

"I am imagining some hilarious and cringe situations resulting from this."

Another chimed in: "SAY GOODBYE TO THE STINKIES."

Players can be penalised if they smell.

"JUDGE! My opponent smells nasty," joked a third.

While another added: "All you guys need to is that it is now mandatory to 'Wash yo ass' to go to events."

Yu-Gi-Oh fans are known to be incredibly passionate about the game.

And last year, thousands signed a petition to make it an Olympic sport, describing its exclusion from the games as an ‘absolute injustice’. 

Some people might consider the card game as a fond memory from their childhood, or in my case as an activity that my older brother would never let me take part in after school, but for Xiran Jay Zhao, it’s so much more than just a card game.

In a petition on, Zhao argued Yu-Gi-Oh should be considered a ‘legitimate sport in the Olympics’ as it ‘requires dexterity (when drawing the cards), athleticism (when playing the cards), and endurance (when you’re in round 10 of a [Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series]).’

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