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You may now see five adverts instead of two before YouTube videos start
Featured Image Credit: Sipa US/Alamy Stock Photo/YouTube

You may now see five adverts instead of two before YouTube videos start

YouTube users were left 'infuriated' as they were faced with five unskippable ads in a row.

Some YouTube users were left 'infuriated' as they were faced with five unskippable ads in a row.

Ah, YouTube, we've roamed the depths of the platform for everything from music to movies, and documentaries.

There's just one drawback, the relentless ads that interrupt your pre-drinking sing-along session.

People had just started to get used to seeing two unskippable ads before viewing content, but now the site seems to be trialling a new system.

The platform is showing some users 'bumper ads', a shorter collection of ads that run for six seconds or less.

YouTube users took to Twitter to share their thoughts.
Iain Masterton / Alamy Stock Photo

And, it's safe to say, people weren't thrilled with the change, as one user said: "So @YouTube

two ads weren’t enough now y’all wanna play five ads that no one cares for AND I CANT SKIP?"

Team YouTube responded to this, explaining: "Hmm...this may happen with a certain type of ad format called bumper ads, since they're only up to 6 seconds long. if you'd like, you can send feedback directly from YouTube via the send feedback tool."

For anyone wondering what exactly are 'bumper ads' Google, who own YouTube, explained the new format to their campaigners: "Bumper ads are a short video ad format designed to allow you to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand by using a short, memorable message.

"With videos of 6 seconds or less, bumper ads let you reach people with bite-sized messages while providing a minimal impact on their viewing experience."

Still, people continued to vent on socials. One user said: "YouTube is testing five unskippable ads, yes you heard it right."

Another added that they had to watch eight ads, which seems excessive if you ask us. They said: "CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY THE F**K I GOT EIGHT YOUTUBE ADS."

Some users claimed to have been forced to watch eight unskippable ads.

One suggested that it was part of a bid to encourage people to try YouTube Premium: "YouTube is testing to show five unskippable ads before the starting of a video for non-premium account holders. YouTube really wants people to go premium."

Another user flat out refused to do: "YouTube need to get it through their thick skull that they can give me as many ads as they want they will not break me. I’m NOT getting premium!"

Another said the whole thing left them feeling infuriated, writing: "Anyone else getting irrationally infuriated at having to skip each ad individually on YouTube now instead of all of them at once?"

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