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Truck driver who never wore sunscreen shows dramatic difference it's made to one side of his face
Featured Image Credit: Positive Communications

Truck driver who never wore sunscreen shows dramatic difference it's made to one side of his face

Take this as your daily reminder to always wear SPF.

A Yorkshire lorry driver learned the importance of wearing sunscreen the hard way.

Steve, 54, had never worn SPF or even used a moisturiser in his life before realising the toll of UV exposure during his working hours had taken on his skin.

The driver from South Yorkshire, who doesn't wish to disclose his last name, started noticing a difference between the two sides of his face, with deeper wrinkles and lines on the right, the driver's window side in the UK.

"For the last four or five years I was noticing deep lines and wrinkles on the right side of my face. I used to look in the mirror and pull the skin around my eye back and think to myself, 'I'm getting old'," he told the Mirror.

Steve has never worn suncream.
Positive Communications

At that point, Steve had been working as a lorry driver for three decades, spending six days a week on the road, with the sun hitting primarily his right side.

"To be honest, I thought it was part and parcel of ageing and I never thought about having any treatments, until I remembered a newspaper picture and story featuring a UV photo of a lorry driver's face showing the really bad sun damage just on his right side," he continued.

"That's when it clicked with me... My lines and wrinkles were also likely caused by sun damage."

Despite realising that sun damage could be the culprit, Steve didn't start using SPF until he saw Dr Hannah Higgins, aesthetic doctor and clinical director of The Wellness Space in Barnsley.

He said: "She told me the sun had not only damaged the surface of my skin, but the deeper layers too, which had caused the right side of my face to sink a little bit.

"She also said I had a skin condition called rosacea, which was making my face a bit red."

Steve's doctor gave him a medical-grade skincare regime together with a 50 SPF to use every day before she could treat him to correct the unevenness of his face.

Steve went to a doctor for treatment.
Positive Communications
Dr Hannah Higgins treated Steve's sun damage.
Positive Communications

"I've seen female patients with asymmetrical lines before, often caused by simple things, such as always sleeping on one side of their face, which can cause more advanced ageing," Dr Higgins explained.

"However, the asymmetry caused by the sun damage to Steve's face was more marked than anything I'd previously seen.

"His entire face showed signs of UV damage; there was redness, erythema (reddening), age spots and pigmentation, plus more oil resting on the surface of the skin than I'd normally expect."

After following Dr Higgins's regime, Steve could be treated with a dermal filler treatment using MaiLi filler to smoothen out his wrinkles.

"Now, I'd tell everyone to use sunscreen whether they are in a lorry cab or outside," Steve said.

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