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World’s most expensive car has been delivered to ‘mystery billionaire’

World’s most expensive car has been delivered to ‘mystery billionaire’

The car is worth millions

One of the world's most expensive cars is said to have been purchased by a mystery buyer.

There are dozens of high-end, luxury car manufacturers across the globe, but I think we can all agree that Rolls-Royce is up there as one of the best.

Rolls-Royce previously held the title of the world's most expensive car for its Boat Tail, which is believed to have retailed at an eye-watering $29 million.

It's rumored that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are some of the lucky few to own one of the prestige vehicles.

Now Rolls-Royce has released its Arcadia Droptail, and is only making four Droptails in total.

Previous Dropstails were said to retail around $30 million, so it's likely the Arcadia is a similar price bracket.

The car comes as the third Droptail commission of four for the manufacturer, and is described as an 'exquisite expression of tranquillity'.

The Arcadia is one of four Droptails being made by Rolls-Royce.

"The hand-built roadster celebrates purity of form and natural materials while serving as a bold statement of the commissioning client’s personal tastes, defined by precision and subtle restraint," Rolls-Royce's website states.

Sketches for the mystery buyer were first drawn up in 2019 and, like the drawing, the wealthy individual wanted the Droptail to have 'deeply resonated with the roadster profile, low stance, and dramatic body lines'.

Rolls-Royce (of course) hasn't revealed who the buyer is, but it's believed that the person who commissioned the car is a Singapore-based billionaire.

The luxury car is rumored to be around $30 million.

While the Arcadia's predecessors are both a shade of red (the La Rose Noire Droptail) and purple (the Amethyst Droptail), the Arcadia Droptail is a sleek shade of white with 22-inch mirror-polish alloy wheels.

One of the key features of the interior of the Arcadia Droptail is its dashboard clockface, which took them a staggering five months to assemble.

It's been hailed as 'the most complex Rolls‑Royce clock face ever created'.

If the aesthetics of the car wasn't enough for you, the Arcadia also packs a punch speed wise and boasts twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12, which is capable of producing 593 horsepower and 620 pound-feet of torque.

A billionaire in Singapore reportedly commissioned the car.

Speaking about the mechanical work of art, Chris Brownridge, Chief Executive at Rolls-Royce, said of the Arcadia: "Arcadia Droptail is deeply connected to the client’s personality and preferences, and in capturing their character, we have been empowered to make inspiring design, craft, and engineering statements that show the world our ambition and unparalleled abilities."

I wonder what the fourth and final Droptail will look like, and who will be the lucky person to have commissioned it...

Featured Image Credit: Rolls-Royce

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