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People divided after man who slammed boss who slated him for not showing up to meeting reveals his response was a 'skit'

People divided after man who slammed boss who slated him for not showing up to meeting reveals his response was a 'skit'

The man made a skit showing how he would react to an employer demanding he come in early for a meeting the night before

A man has gone viral on TikTok over his role-played response to two podcast hosts slamming a Gen Z employee for not wanting to come into an early meeting.

The whole thing has gotten people on TikTok very riled up over who is in the right.

While some said that you won't get far by not prioritising your work, others felt that it was worth it for having more work/life balance.

So what exactly happened to get social media talking so much? Let's get into it.

It started with a segment on the Demoted podcast, which sees the hosts discussing various workplace shenanigans which have been sent in by viewers.

One submission was someone talking about their 'Gen Z new hire', and complaining about the new employee's approach to their job.

The submitter stated that they were furious with their new hire because when they had told them about a new meeting at 8am the following day, the new hire had refused to come in.

Hosts Natalie and Corp had been discussing Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace.

They both in no uncertain terms said that both shared the view of the boss.

Corp responded: "My visceral reaction was 'are you f**king kidding me?"

Natalie chimed in: "No, fully, anger typing this out, like please."

Natalie was furious at the attitude of the employee.
TikTok / Demoted Podcast

She continued: "You just started this job, I don't give a flying s**t about your workout class."

Their strong response was noted by TikToker Alexandre Evidente, who has the username @trekfit.

The TikToker made a video demonstrating how he would have responded in this scenario.

He said: "It was made very clear during the interview process that the working hours for this position is between 9 to 5pm eastern time, and I am on eastern time.

"I made that very clear with HR because I have commitments outside of work. I go to the gym I workout because I care about my health.

"Sure I can make a sacrifice to go to an 8am meeting had I known at least a week before that I needed to go at 8am, not a day before."

The TikToker created a skit of how to respond.
TikTok / trekfit

In a subsequent video the creator clarified that this was a skit, and that he had been trying to show how to respond to a situation like that.

People had a lot of thoughts about the spat.

One did not agree with him, posting: "Dude my boss schedules meetings on Sundays at 9am. When they call a meeting, you go period. Regardless of time."

But others praised the employee for setting clear boundaries at work.

One wrote: "Gen X here. We’ve been brainwashed into giving our souls to employers. Good on Gen Z for putting their mental health first."

A second replied: "I agreed with them and then I REALLY AGREED with you… I’m still working on getting rid of the corporate brainwash."

Others were just confused that the whole thing was roleplay, with one writing: "Skit??? That’s wild. I was ready to go to war for you."

Another said: "You should be an actor, you had me sold there."

What do you think about this scenario?

Featured Image Credit: trekfit/TikTok

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