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Doctor punches elderly patient in the head for moving during surgery
Featured Image Credit: Weibo

Doctor punches elderly patient in the head for moving during surgery

Video shows the surgeon punching the patient three times during surgery

A shocking video which has emerged online shows a surgeon punching a patient while they are performing surgery.

The incident occurred in 2019 at an ophthalmological hospital in the city of Guigang in southwestern China.

In the video the surgeon can be seen striking the patient three times when they appear to shift.

The footage was posted to Weibo by Dr. Ai Fen earlier this week. It begins with the doctor hovering over the 82-year-old patient, before they move under the surgical blanket, after which the doctor delivers the blows to her head.

Another member of hospital staff can also be seen attempting to restrain the patient.

In a statement released about the incident, company Aier China, which runs the hospital, said that the doctor had 'treated the patient roughly in an emergency situation'.

This came after the patient had allegedly failed to heed warnings from clinicians to not move her head or eyes.

The CCTV footage shows the doctor punching the patient.

The statement said [translated]: “During the operation, due to local anesthesia, the patient had surgical intolerance and reached up to try to touch [her] eyes.

"The area near the eyes is a sterile surgical area. Once touched, it may cause infection…the doctor wants to avoid danger."

Local authorities say that the patient sustained bruising to her forehead.

Reports have also said that the patient could not understand the doctor's warnings in Mandarin as they could only speak a local dialect.

Following the surgery, the hospital apologised and paid 500 yuan ($70) in compensation, according to the patient's son.

The surgeon has been dismissed.

Despite taking place in 2019, the incident has only come to public attention after the CCTV footage was posted on Chinese social media network Weibo.

It was posted by Dr Ai, who was one of the group of doctors in Wuhan who first alerted the public to Covid-19.

She posted the video to her account on the platform where she has some two million followers.

Aier China confirmed in a statement on Thursday that the surgeon had been suspended over 'serious violations of the group's regulations', while the CEO of the hospital group has been dismissed.

Dr Ai has also been involved in legal disputes with Aier China after she went for an operation at one of their hospitals in 2021.

The doctor has claimed that she almost lost her sight in one eye due to the operation, an allegation which Aier China has denied.

UNILAD has contacted Aier China for a comment.

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