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Streamer's prank backfires after stealing bodybuilder's hat in gym

Streamer's prank backfires after stealing bodybuilder's hat in gym

The streamer tried out a prank on a bodybuilder who was working out at the gym, but things did not go as planned

A pretty painful video shows what happened when a streamer tried to prank a bodybuilder at the gym.

Videos saturate the internet of teenagers engaging in 'pranks' on members of the general public.

While the teens themselves might be having a blast filming the videos, it's hard to think of a more maligned group of streamers on the internet than pranksters.

Their antics might get them many views online, but when they involve unsuspecting members of the general public they draw the anger of many people on social media.

Many people are furious when the pranksters target unsuspecting people, particularly when they are trying to get a rise out of someone, or the victim is vulnerable or confused in some way.

So it's perhaps unsurprising that people were left cheering when a prankster got more than he bargained for when he tried out a prank on the one person.

One of the things with doing pranks on YouTube is that you never know how the victim is going to react.

And that's certainly what happened in this case when a prankster approached YouTuber Bradley Martyn.

A recent prank involving a bodybuilder went very wrong. (X/@HappyPunch)
A recent prank involving a bodybuilder went very wrong. (X/@HappyPunch)

Martyn is known for his videos where he shows off feats of strength as well as posting various types of fitness-related content.

He also owns the fitness business Rawgear.

Basically, probably not someone you'd want to mess with in a prank video, as the prankster found out.

The clip shows Martyn working out in the gym when the boy comes and steals his cap from his head.

After repeatedly asking for the hat back, Martyn reaches out to take the cap, before slapping the teenager across the face.

The shocked prankster soon handed back the cap.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the interaction, and many were not unsympathetic.

Martyn let the prankster have one hit back. (X/@HappyPunch)
Martyn let the prankster have one hit back. (X/@HappyPunch)

One wrote: "Don't touch other people's stuff. This isn't high school," while a second commented: "I will never get tired of seeing social media pranksters find out."

A third remarked that this was a 'lesson' for the streamer, posting: "Actions have consequences. These streamers are too disrespectful these days lol."

Another said: "This is your reminder to stop pranking people and especially to stop pranking people you don't know"

But that wasn't the end of it, as a second video from a little while later shows Martyn allowing the prankster one slap back in the spirit of fairness.

One person remarked: "Bradley cool for that. Also doesn’t want a case."

Featured Image Credit: X/@HappyPunch

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