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Climber slams people trying to 'slander' daredevil friend who died falling 700ft for Instagram stunt

Climber slams people trying to 'slander' daredevil friend who died falling 700ft for Instagram stunt

Urban climber Dakamaru has slammed people trying to 'slander' Remi Lucidi following his tragic death.

A climber has taken to social media to slam people tying to 'slander' his daredevil friend who died falling 700ft for an Instagram stunt.

Popular Instagram daredevil Remi Lucidi, from France, gained thousands of followers on Instagram by sharing his anxiety-inducing videos and pictures taken from towering heights.

The 30-year-old, who went by Remi Enigma on social media, was known for climbing tall buildings and structures from where he took snaps of himself standing close to the edge or dangling his legs over the huge drop below.

On 17 July, Lucidi checked in to a hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

According to investigators, he then arrived at the Tregunter Tower complex on Thursday, 27 July, and told a security guard he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor.

Officials in the country have claimed the security guard attempted to double check Lucidi's claim, but the daredevil had jumped into an elevator before they had the chance.

Remi Lucidi has died at the age of 30.
Instagram / @remnigma

A source familiar with the case told The South China Morning Post that at about 7.30pm local time on Thursday, a cleaner spotted Lucidi outside the window of the penthouse, located on the 68th floor of the tower.

Lucidi was said to have been alive and knocking on the window, prompting the cleaner to call the police.

Before officers had chance to arrive at the scene, the daredevil is believed to have fallen to his death.

Hong Kong police are yet to release an official cause of death, but investigators found Lucidi's sports camera at the scene and uncovered videos of extreme sports on the device.

Since his tragic death was confirmed, many have flocked to social media to pay their tributes to Lucidi.

One of those was fellow urban climber, Dakamaru, who paid tribute to his friend with a bunch of snaps of themselves together.

And while the climber paid tribute to his friend, he also hit out at some of the comments that have circulated online since Lucidi's death.

The climber has slammed some of the comments.
Instagram / @dakamaru10

Taking to his Instagram stories, Dakamaru wrote: "Now I'm reading plenty of disrespectful, heartless comments trying to slander my friend's memory, the way he lived, and what he left behind.

"People who don't have a clue what he was all about, and have absolutely zero respect.

"In fact, I even found someone who had the audacity to pretend to have the moral high ground to share a photo on their story and say, 'Don't be like Remi'."

Concluding the story, the climber encouraged people to 'be like Remi', saying he was a 'light in the dark' and someone who had a 'heart of gold'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @dakamaru10 / @remnigma

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