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Daredevil who died falling from 68th floor made 'life's too short' posts and responded to people calling him 'crazy'

Daredevil who died falling from 68th floor made 'life's too short' posts and responded to people calling him 'crazy'

Remi Lucidi, known as Remi Enigma on Instagram, made a name for himself by posting death-defying snaps of his skyscraper climbs.

A French daredevil made several ‘life’s too short’ posts on social media before tragically falling to his death.

Remi Lucidi, known as Remi Engima on Instagram, became an internet sensation for his anxiety-inducing photos - which often showed him illegally scaling skyscrapers.

Tragically though, a similar stunt would result in the 30-year-old’s untimely death after he fell from the 68th floor of the Tregunter Tower in Hong Kong.

Remi Lucidi often shared photograph of his dangerous urban exploring.
Instagram/ @remnigma

It’s hard not to feel uncomfortable as you scroll through his Instagram, looking back at images of Lucidi standing close to the edge of a precipice or dangling in mid-air.

The urban explorer also shared several posts hitting back at his critics – one of which was uploaded in the weeks leading up to his death.

One photograph, shared on July 16, eerily has the caption ‘life is too short to chase unicorns’ as the daredevil clings to a tower in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, without a safety harness.

In another image, taken before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lucidi is pictured atop a building in the capital Kyiv with his foot dangling off the ledge.

The daredevil even hit back at his critics on social media.
Instagram/ @remnigma

In the caption, he boasts about ignoring others' concerns, saying: “Avoid negative people in your life especially if they say that you can't do something. Find people who will support you.”

A third, uploaded back in 2019, shows the Frenchman standing on a rooftop with the Hong Kong skyline behind him.

Unfazed by the death-defying act, he later boasts in the caption: “I am crazy that’s what people call me and that’s how I am different.”

Ultimately though, he would tragically die in the same city just a few short years later.

The Frenchman tragically died in Hong Kong last week.
Instagram/ @remnigma

Earlier this month, Lucidi posted a photo of the Hong Kong skyline on social media with a heart emoji.

Then on July 27, the Frenchman visited the Tregunter Tower claiming he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor – which is when he made his final ascent.

Allegedly, a cleaner saw the daredevil outside the window of the 68th-floor penthouse – reportedly knocking on the glass.

They then allegedly called the police around 7.30pm local time, according to The South China Morning Post, shortly before the climber fell to his death.

Hong Kong police recovered Lucidi’s camera from the scene which contained images of him doing extreme sports.

In a tribute on Instagram, one fan wrote: "RIP to an adventurous man who pushed his life to the extreme."

The investigation is still ongoing.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @remnigma

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