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Expert delivers verdict as 'human bear' was seen waving at Chinese zoo
Featured Image Credit: Twitter

Expert delivers verdict as 'human bear' was seen waving at Chinese zoo

The Asian sun bear has become an internet sensation with people arguing over the animal and it's authenticity.

When you think of a famous bear, you’d be forgiven for thinking of Paddington.

In recent days though, a Chinese sun bear has broken the internet for its uncanny resemblance to a ‘man in a suit’.

As people debate whether or not the bear is real, an expert has given their verdict on the internet sensation just as another video emerged.

Unless you’ve been asleep for the last couple of days, you’ve probably seen Angela the sun bear on social media.

The animal made major headlines, with people claiming that she was actually human in disguise and pointing to her saggy skin as evidence of a costume.

Even weirder was the fact that she stood on her hind legs in her enclosure at Hangzhou Zoo, in China.

Understandably, many people have questioned whether the bear is real after its uncannily human antics.

While the bizarre clip has captured the public’s imagination and fuelled plenty of speculation on internet forums, an expert has debunked the conspiracy theories.

Angela the sun bear has become an internet sensation.

Dr Ashleigh Marshall, from Chester Zoo, UK, has hit back at the human in a suit myth saying ‘definitely a real bear’ in an interview with the BBC.

She then explained that the sun bear’s saggy skin was a defence mechanic, saying that it helps them quickly ‘turn around in their skin’ when attacked from behind.

While the wild explanation may put the rumors to rest, the animal expert did admit that the specifics often ‘look a lot like people in their costumes’.

A sun bear.
Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Despite this, people are still unconvinced as another video has emerged of the sun bear.

In the latest clip, Angela seemingly responds to tourists yelling ‘hello’ as she stands and waves in her enclosure.

Understandably, the un-bear-lievably strange viral sensation has led to a huge increase in interest in Hangzhou Zoo.

An expert has given their verdict on Angela the sun bear.

According to the Daily Mail, the centre has seen a 30 percent jump in visitor numbers with people flocking from across the country to see Angela.

While the wildlife resort is happy to welcome so many guests, it previously hit back at the bizarre rumors.

Taking to social media, posting as Angela, it wrote: “Some people think that I am a person when I stand up…

“It seems that you don’t know me too well.”

Hopefully though, the expert has now put the debate in hibernation.

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