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Online video showcases one of the reasons 'Japan bans tourism in certain places'

Online video showcases one of the reasons 'Japan bans tourism in certain places'

The video shows a tourist in Kyoto relentlessly chasing a woman in traditional dress despite her repeatedly trying to avoid her

Japan is a hugely popular destination for tourists, with people flocking from all over the world to visit the country.

But certain areas may now be off limits to tourists following new rules brought in for people visiting the country.

You might be thinking why Japan would introduce laws restricting tourism when it can be a huge economic boost.

The answer, unfortunately, is bad behaviour from people visiting certain parts of the country.

There are many reasons why people might want to go to Japan on holiday.

It could be to take in the immense natural beauty, sample some authentic Japanese cuisine or experience the world's largest metropolis in Tokyo.

However, one factor which is also a big draw for people is Japan's very distinct culture and sense of national identity.

This includes geisha, who are easy to spot when they're in full dress due to their traditional clothes and distinctive make up.

And it's tourists' behaviour around geisha and the wider implications for how they behave around Japanese culture in general which has caused controversy.

The tourist hassled the woman repeatedly. (TikTok / zozalajail)
The tourist hassled the woman repeatedly. (TikTok / zozalajail)

The video shows a tourist chasing a woman in traditional Japanese dress down the street, standing right in front of her and trying to take pictures of her.

The tourist does this repeatedly despite the woman making it very clear that she does not want her picture and trying to avoid the tourist multiple times.

But the visitor simply does not relent and rudely stands right in the woman's path snapping away.

Unfortunately, it seems that the extremely rude and disrespectful behaviour exhibited in this video is not an isolated incident.

Japan is outlining plans to bar tourists from entering the geisha district in Gion, Kyoto.

Kyoto was Japan's capital for over 1,000 years before it moved to Tokyo in 1868, and still contains many beautiful historic districts and beautiful areas which are popular for sightseeing.

Kyoto is popular with tourists. (VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
Kyoto is popular with tourists. (VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

A community group of Gion residents complained about the behaviour of tourists, saying that their home is 'not a theme park' amid reports of tourists behaving like 'amateur paparazzi' and even entering private property.

The ban would see tourists barred from entering the narrower streets to the side, though the main thoroughfare would remain open.

Japan is not the only place which has a difficult relationship with tourism.

Venice recently introduced a charge for day tripped seeking to enter the city.

It is hoped that the controversial move will help to thin the crowds which swarm the medieval city from enormous cruise ships.

Featured Image Credit: zozalajail/TikTok

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