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Model's giant fur ball costume backfires as she crashes into audience while walking runway

Model's giant fur ball costume backfires as she crashes into audience while walking runway

Christian Cowan's fashion week runway show got chins wagging after a model dressed as a giant fur ball ended up crashing into the crowd

A runway model literally went in blind to a show as her furry ensemble left her with no visibility.

The model, walking for British designer Christian Cowan, was wearing a large black fur ball outfit for Paris Fashion Week and the only thing you could see of her was her long legs and knee-high boots.

While you'd think she'd be able to see through it, it appears as if she couldn't as she ended up bumping into Sam Smith's performing platform.

The 'Unholy' hitmaker was singing a cover of 'You Spin Me Round' while standing on a platform that was spinning them round. Original.

There was an evident furry theme of the night, with Smith's ensemble matching the same material as the model's giant, round outfit.

In videos taken at Cowan's runway show, the model is seen first stumbling into Smith's platform before going on to walk directly into the crowd - who had to literally push her the right way.

At one point, Smith also gently pushed the model in the right direction.

She then proceeded to trip up on the alter steps at the end of the runway before a group of production people came out and assisted her off the runway.

Chaotic much?

Christian Cowan's runway show during Paris Fashion week saw Sam Smith perform... as well as a model wearing a literal fur ball.

Undeniably the ordeal drew attention away from both Cowan's show and Smith's performance - but it made for good video content.

The whole fashion show has left people divided, with one person labelling it as 'some American Horror Story sh*t'.

"That looks like a hairball trying to get down the drain," said someone else.

"I need a personalized recount from the model themselves on how this went lol," quipped another.

Meanwhile, others said the designer 'did her dirty' with the controversial look.

One fashion fan fumed: "The designer did that model dirty, fail. Show like this was supposed to help her career."

"My actual runway nightmare. This poor model!!!" said another.

And a third added: "Nah the designer should be ashamed of himself, making fools of models just trying to do their job to get a 'viral moment' is infuriating and honestly exploitative."

People weren't huge fans of the fur ball look.
Justin Shin/Getty Images

Cowan has addressed his unique ensemble and made light of the situation as he gave the nod to Miley Cyrus' hit song 'Wrecking Ball'.

"She came in to Paris Fashion Week like a wrecking ball," Cowan captioned a close-up snap of the model in the fur ball look on social media.

He further quipped that 'no models were harmed'.

Cowan has also shared another snap of the model and hailed her as 'the moment'.

The model behind the look has since been revealed as Mi'Jon, who was tagged in one of Cowan's posts.

Sharing a photo of her dressed as the fur ball, the model echoed similar sentiments to Cowan, writing jokily: "Came into my first Paris fashion week show like a wrecking ball."

It's safe to say that it wasn't your average runway debut!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kristenvbateman

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