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Kendall Jenner's 'horrendous' runway walk leaves fans cringing

Tom Wood

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Kendall Jenner's 'horrendous' runway walk leaves fans cringing

Featured Image Credit: @u/thunderinabottle/Reddit

Armchair fashionistas have been having their say after Kendall Jenner took her turn on the runway during Paris Fashion Week.


Now - full disclosure - we’re no experts here on runway etiquette, and - being honest again - couldn’t really care less, but it seems as if Kendall Jenner has once again set tongues wagging with her latest foray into the fashion world.


She was treading the boards at the Schiaparelli show in the French capital the other day, wearing a tight red dress and with a massive hairstyle, and - to the uninitiated - it just looked like every other model you’ve ever seen walking around.

However, because of the 27-year-old’s status in the celebrity world, there are people queuing up to say something about it.

On Reddit, one person - perhaps taking things a bit too far - said: “She makes modeling look incredibly difficult.

“It’s like she’s an alien blobfish who just got put into this body and must now walk like a model despite never having seen a human before.


“She’s focusing every bit of herself on this.

“You can see how hard it is for her.

“Why put yourself through this??”

Kendall Jenner has come in for some criticism, just for walking. Credit: @u/thunderinabottle/Reddit
Kendall Jenner has come in for some criticism, just for walking. Credit: @u/thunderinabottle/Reddit

Wow, tell us what you really think, why don’t you?

A second person wrote: “She makes walking look challenging.

“Like it’s her first day on legs like Bambi.

“Someone dropped her torso on a fresh set of legs mere minutes before the show. You get my point.”


Are you noticing a theme developing here?

A third simply said: “I’ve stumbled home drunk better than this.”

On the look that she was sent out with, another comment read: “Looks like she’s dressing up as Lana Del Rey for Halloween.”

Still, at least she can rely on the support of her family to get her through.


When she announced that she’d be closing the show, her sister Kylie offered her some much-needed support, commenting: “Yessssssssssss.”

It’s unlikely that Jenner - or any of the Jenner/Kardashian clan - will be reading any of the negative comments, she’s probably too busy being obscenely wealthy and attending swanky events in cities around the world.

Still, it presumably must make the people who comment online feel better, right?

If it doesn’t, there wouldn’t seem to be that much point behind it.

Jenner has spoken before about how her move into modelling has been tough for her, though.

Some people seemed really put out by her performance. Credit: @u/thunderinabottle/Reddit
Some people seemed really put out by her performance. Credit: @u/thunderinabottle/Reddit

“It’s not always the easiest industry to be in. It can be really cutthroat and intense sometimes,” she told Harpers Bazaar.

Jenner continued: “I feel really balanced right now.

“I started my therapy journey a year and a half ago.

“I meet with my therapist once a week, so every week I’m learning something new.

“I’m constantly evolving and just excited to do that.”

That’s good, then - just stay away from comments on the internet.

That's actually some advice we could all benefit from.

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Tom Wood
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