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Airline leaves people shocked after serving 'dog food' to passengers

Airline leaves people shocked after serving 'dog food' to passengers

An airline has been ridiculed for an apparent mistranslation that meant they were serving dog food as meal.

A Chinese airline is facing mockery after a blunder has people asking whether they serve ‘dog food’ to their passengers.

Airplane food doesn’t have the best reputation, we all know this. But one airline may have taken that sentiment a tad too far as some shocked social media users are drawing the line at one of the options seemingly available on a flight.

A passenger on a China Eastern Airlines flight shared an image of the business class food menu and brought attention to one item on the list in particular.

A passenger on a China Eastern Airlines flight shared an image of the business class food menu.
Conrad Wu/Facebook

The airline was allegedly serving imported dog food with Okra as one of its appetizers. Though many social media users remarked this surely had to be a mistranslation. Let's hope so.

The image has been liked nearly 1000 times on Facebook and has also been posted on Reddit, resulting in further jokes and mockery.

“Apparently, economy class passengers only get domestic dog food,” one user joked.

“If it’s business class I expect my imported dog food to be 96% air dried organic beef,” another wrote.

“Most likely the translation has gone wrong. Besides, how bad could dog food be?” said another.

Some users remarked that the translation could have been in reference to hot dogs or that the airline was pet-friendly.

Others simply asked to see the original Chinese edition of the menu to work out what was on offer.

UNILAD has contacted China Eastern Airlines for comment.

The image has caught a lot of attention on Facebook.
Yin Liqin/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

I guess dog food, is better than no food during a flight, however, Japan Airlines caused a stir earlier this year by asking customers to consider foregoing having a meal on some of their flights.

Since 2020, they have been trialling this scheme, which the airline says is part of their plan to 'reduce its environmental impact' by cutting down on plastic usage and slashing the number of meals they serve to 'reduce food waste'.

The airline has asked its passengers to consider making the 'ethical choice' and not having a meal.

The airline found that on many of their flights, customers preferred to sleep through the whole thing rather than be woken up to have their meal.

For every person who skipped the in-flight meal, Japan Airlines said they would be donating towards school lunch projects for children in developing nations suffering from hunger.

Customers of the airline have been sharing that they've recently received an email from Japan Airlines telling them about the scheme, which hasn't gone down well with everyone.

Despite dividing opinion on this move, the airline did clarify that 'other beverages and snacks would be available on request'.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images / Costfoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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