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Chess winner stripped of title after being accused of s****ing in bathtub

Chess winner stripped of title after being accused of s****ing in bathtub

The Chinese chess player celebrated his victory a bit too hard

A Chinese chess champion has been stripped of their win after being accused of taking a dump in a hotel bathtub.

48-year-old Yan Chenglong beat dozens of contenders to be named 'Xiangqi King' at an amateur chess competition in China's Hainan Province on December 17.

The champion was awarded £10,991 ($14,000) for his victory.

However, things took a turn for the gross the next morning when Yan was accused of s****ing in the bathtub by staff at the contestant hotel.

On Monday, the Chinese Xiangqi Association (CXA) announced that they were stripping the champion of his title and prize money on grounds of 'disrupting public order' and displaying 'extremely bad character.'

According to Global Times, Yan had been drinking with friends following his victory. He is said to have defecated in the bathtub the following morning.

His behaviour 'damaged the hotel's property, violated the public order and good customs and caused a negative impact on Chinese chess,' CXA said.

Yan Chenglong was stripped of his chess championship title after defecating in a hotel bathtub.

Yan has since responded, claiming he got the runs after drinking too much.

It has been reported that he failed to make it to the toilet in time and couldn’t help but defecate in the bathtub.

On top the diarrhoea drama, he has also been accused of using a communication device similar to anal beads in order to cheat.

Chinese social media was awash with accusations claiming the chess player clenched and unclenched his butt cheeks to communicate information about the game via code to a computer.

The device would then send back instructions on what moves to make in the form of vibrations.

Yan has denied all allegations of cheating.

Addressing the rumors, the CXA said it would be 'impossible' to determine whether he'd cheated.

The Chinese chess player was also accused to using anal beads to cheat, although officials say it would be 'impossible' to prove.

"Based on our understanding of the situation, it is currently impossible to prove that Yan engaged in cheating via 'anal beads' as speculated on social media," they said.

Regardless, he has been banned from taking part in any Chinese chess competition for the next year.

But, this isn't the first time the chess world has been rocked by a sex toy scandal.

In 2022, chess grandmaster Hans Niemann was forced to deny claims that he'd used anal beads to cheat during a tournament.

Following his win during the third round of the Sinquefield Cup, rumors started circulating online that Niemann had hidden vibrating anal beads in his shoe to offer signals indicating the right moves to make.

Responding to the allegations, he said that they were a 'targeted attack' designed to 'ruin' his chess career. He also said he'd be willing to play 'naked' to prove his innocence.

Going into more detail on X/Twitter, he wrote: "The silence of my critics clearly speaks for itself. If there was any real evidence, why not show it?"

A year later, Niemann was officially cleared of all cheating claims.

Featured Image Credit: Miguel Pereira/Getty Images

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