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Busker responds after Dua Lipa's savage reaction to him playing ukulele to her at Glastonbury

Busker responds after Dua Lipa's savage reaction to him playing ukulele to her at Glastonbury

The busker who stopped Dua Lipa at Glastonbury had a defiant response to the haters

A busker who approached one of the world's biggest pop stars has broken his silence after the clip went viral on TikTok.

The awkward clip did the rounds on social media as the street musician, who goes by the name of Liam C, stopped Dua Lipa the day after her set while she was enjoying Glastonbury last weekend.

It starts with the Liam asking for her to react to one of his tunes, and when she accepted he whipped out a ukulele to do so.

Many pointed out how the singer's reaction was just 'natural'. (Instagram/@liamcmusic_)
Many pointed out how the singer's reaction was just 'natural'. (Instagram/@liamcmusic_)

The musician shared a clip on his Instagram of the moment he walked up to the 'Dance the Night' singer, apologising for bothering her before complimenting her Camden documentary, explaining he busks in the area himself.

He then begins to sing in kind of an Ed Sheeran-esque way.

It goes: "I tell myself don't stress because you're going to get better, got no Ps [money] for the week - what ever.

"Singing in the street like I'm playing Coachella, not a champagne life but I'm happy with a Stella, Stella, yeah.

"Listen, she don't do what they tell her, ice cream weather but she's all black leather. A spice like pepper, 10 out of 10er."

He continued: "Ain't got a fella but I'll never say never like no. How many times can I fall for this? So many nights when my phone won't ring, yeah now she's acting all extra."

Dua interrupts shortly after the 30-second mark, saying: "I love it mate, it's so good, so good, so good."

Many viewers couldn't get over how awkward the interaction seemed. One user wrote: "Her eyes are desperate for escape," as another added: "Well that was awkward."

However, a third commented: "Everyone saying she looked awkward. That is a natural reaction to strangers singing in your face."

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Liam C replied to the reaction he has received off the back of the video.

He wrote: "Keep talking. I’m off to write some bangers #liamc #Glastonbury2024 #DuaLipa."

He responded to the backlash (LiamCmusic_/X)
He responded to the backlash (LiamCmusic_/X)

Well, you can't blame him for shooting his shot can you? How often do you come across one of the greatest singers of our generation?

Well, more than once at one festival - which he admitted he didn't pay for and got in illegally.

He later says to the camera in the viral clip: "Played to Stormzy, played to Dua Lipa, we've had a f***ing great weekend this is what it's about, it's not about having loads of money in your bank.

"Being a rockstar is being skint and breaking down f*cking doors to get where you want to be.

"Thank you so much Glastonbury 2024 let's go and hand ourselves in and get removed, thank you."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/liamcmusic_

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