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Dua Lipa goes viral for her savage reaction after fan played 30 seconds of his song

Dua Lipa goes viral for her savage reaction after fan played 30 seconds of his song

Dua Lipa has left fans in stitches with her reaction to a Glastonbury festival goer stopping her to listen to one of his songs

Dua Lipa fans have flooded to the singer's defence after a Glastonbury festival goer stopped her to listen to one of his songs.

After headlining at the UK's infamous Glastonbury festival for the first time, there was no rest for Dua Lipa who stepped off stage to try and enjoy the rest of the festival only to be halted by a fan who asked her to listen to one of his own tunes, even whipping out a ukulele to do so.

Musician Liam C shared a clip on his Instagram of the moment he walked up to the 'Dance the Night' singer, apologising for bothering her before complimenting her Camden documentary, explaining he busks in the area himself and would now be playing one of his songs to get her 'reaction' on camera.

In the clip, Liam C then goes on to start strumming and singing with Dua Lipa graciously bopping her head along in the background, smiling, laughing, before beginning to head off, but not before telling Liam C: "I love it mate, it's so good." Oh and agreeing to his request of a quick hug too.

And it's not taken long for social media users to weigh in on the 'awkward' moment, many in support of Dua Lipa.

One user wrote: "Her eyes are desperate for escape," as another added: "Well that was awkward."

However, a third commented: "Everyone saying she looked awkward. That is a natural reaction to strangers singing in your face."

A fourth chimed: "She was polite! She could have told him to get lost. The public don’t own her, and they certainly don’t have the right to demand her attention."

And a fifth resolved: "She did more than enough. She looked awkward because he had someone filming her. That’s a natural reaction regardless of fame.

"At that point, she didn’t really know what was going on or what to expect so naturally she was looking for the exit. Exposed her only for being quite normal. If someone stopped me in the street like that I’d probably run tbf."

Many pointed out how the singer's reaction was just 'natural'. (Instagram/@liamcmusic_)
Many pointed out how the singer's reaction was just 'natural'. (Instagram/@liamcmusic_)

However, others also applauded Liam C for the bold move.

One user wrote: "You can’t knock your hustle. Respect for what you’re doing."

Another echoed: "Well done! Amazing. She looked a little awkward but she stopped and she listened which is more than most! Respect."

Liam C told UNILAD: "I’m grateful for all the love I’m getting! I’m just out here trying to get myself noticed and my songs heard, and I guess I’m lucky that’s happened with Dua’s help. I don’t expect everyone to be into what I’m doing, but whether comments are negative or positive, I’ll keep grinding.

"Hope everyone has an amazing summer, hopefully see some of you out and about!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@andreastomoiaga/@liamcmusic_

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