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Trump Supporter Explains Why She’d Vote For Vladimir Putin Over Biden

Trump Supporter Explains Why She’d Vote For Vladimir Putin Over Biden

A Donald Trump supporter has declared she would rather vote for Russia's president over America's in a newly-surfaced Reddit video

A Donald Trump supporter has attempted to explain why she would vote for Vladimir Putin over Joe Biden, and her response is… interesting? 

In a newly-surfaced video, a woman wearing a bobbled Trump beanie was interviewed by Jason Selvig - one half of comedy duo The Good Liars.

After being asked exactly why a political figure recently accused of war crimes would get her vote over Biden, she replied: “I believe he’s been given a tough…."

Trailing off before completing her sentence, she then insisted Nazis actually left Germany after WWII and made their way to America following a pit-stop in Ukraine.

“Since WWII, Russia’s been the bad guy, when in actuality the Nazis left Germany and they ended up going to Ukraine, coming in here.”

She then added: “George Bush was actually a Nazi.”

The video was titled ‘Asked a Trump supporter if she’d vote for Putin over Biden’.

U.S. President Joe Biden.

Many of The Good Liars’ TikTok videos have been captured at Trump rallies.

One particularly sorrowful clip shows two Trump fans performing a strange dance at a sparsely-attended event thrown in the reality-star-cum-politician’s name. 

In another, a woman proudly parades around a hand-made sign reading: “Here to hear Trump say b******t in person.” She also declared: “I love that man.”

Racking up more than 120,000 likes is a video called 'Talked to congressional candidate Peter Weed about his name', in which Selvig asks the Republican hopeful whether or not he's ever smoked marijuana.

Insisting he’s not currently partial to the odd joint, Weed did confess he ‘tried marijuana once in high school’.

A Patreon bio for the comedy duo reads: “We’re The Good Liars. We’ve been pulling off high-stakes pranks on public figures for years including the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. 

“Our antics have been featured on Rachel Maddow, CNN, ABC News, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, New York Times, The Guardian, New York Daily News and numerous other media outlets and our 2016 election film Undecided:The Movie was referred to as a ‘Netflix gem’ by The Wrap.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ Alamy

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