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Woman Sparks Huge Debate After Explaining Why She Can't Date A Man Who Has A Job

Woman Sparks Huge Debate After Explaining Why She Can't Date A Man Who Has A Job

She shared her alternative requirements on a podcast, and the host seemed baffled

A woman has sparked debate on social media after explaining why she won't date a man with a job.

While the days of man being the typical bread-winner are long gone, it seems one woman has gone in an arguable even more extreme direction.

As the 1999 Destiny's Child hit 'Bills, Bills, Bills' declares, a bloke who doesn't pay 'em 'don't know what a man's about'.

But one woman has gone viral after stating that she won't date a man who does have a job.

Check it out:

Jay Hill interviewed Trishonna Helm and Destine Patton, in a video shared on his YouTube channel.

He talked to the Beyond the Chair podcast hosts about financial literacy and building a business – but one exchange about dating has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Destine told Jay she would only date men who don't have a job, which seemingly baffled him.

She said: "For me personally, because I know when a lot of people say, 'Oh, I can't date a man with a job,' a lot of people on the internet take offence, but for me Destine, I cannot date a man with a job.

"One, because I'm very spontaneous... I also need a man to understand where I'm at in the moment.

"I probably will have a week where I work so much, and then I have a week where I don't work at all. You get what I'm saying?"

She continued: "So as entrepreneurs, it's very up and down, and I just want somebody to understand the mental state.

"I mean, sometimes I get really, really depressed because I always have to show up for people. So then I'd be like, I want the man to be there to comfort me during that moment."

If you've got a job, you ain't getting a date.
YouTube/Mr Jay Hill Network

Jay shared the clip on Twitter with the caption, 'Women are impossible to please at this point.' The video has been viewed 1.7 million times and has sparked debate in the comments.

One person wrote: "She want spider man but will walk past peter parker every day."

Another said: "She basically said being an entrepreneur is unstable and man with a job can't provide comfort to the depression she gets from her own instability. She right. She don't need a man with a job. She need a therapist."

A third said: "How many rich dudes do they think there are in the world? Like how many people do they think there are out there that don't need to have a job while being able to fly to Jamaica whenever they want?"

But others thought she was just stating her preferences, which she's entitled to have.

One person commented: "I mean she's being honest. She's basically saying she needs to date a boss and not a worker. It's going over heads."

Another said: "That clip makes sense to me. She's not saying all women, she's sayin her. If he can't fit her lifestyle, it's on to the next."

A third added: "The above lady is living her truth, she's stating the type of man she needs in life & backed it up with legit reasons so there's nothing wrong in her statements; Let her be cos everyone's wired differently. Y'all should stop trying to box people for having contrary opinions."

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mr Jay Hill Network

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