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Woman Shows How Quickly You Get Arrested For ‘Protest’ In Russia

Woman Shows How Quickly You Get Arrested For ‘Protest’ In Russia

An astounding video has revealed just how quickly it is possible to be arrested in Russia for protesting against the invasion of Ukraine.

An astounding video has revealed just how quickly a person can get arrested in Russia for protesting against the invasion of Ukraine.

Since President Vladimir Putin sent troops across the border on February 24 as a part of his invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of Russians have taken to the streets in protest.

However, reports have revealed that over 900 protesters have been detained by police, with footage showing citizens being tackled to the ground and dragged away by Russian forces.

Another clip has since been shared online, which shows the shocking and rapid speed in which a protesting woman is apprehended by police.

See how quickly she gets arrested below:

In the recording, a woman can be seen questioning the person behind the camera as to whether or not they 'support the activists'.

She says: 'I'd like to ask your opinion, if I could just say two words. Am I going to get arrested for this or not?'

However, after holding up a sign - which simply has 'two words' written on it - for a matter of seconds, a herd of Russian police are captured swarming towards the woman.

As the woman is being apprehended, the reporter reflects: 'You're already being detained'.

The camera then pans to the side, showing the woman being frogmarched away from the scene by five police.

'That's crazy,' the cameraperson resolves.

Over 40 different Russian cities have seen protestors gather in condemnation of the war in Ukraine.

Footage has been widespread on social media, showing demonstrators chanting, 'No war' and holding signs reading, 'No to War!'

However, clips have also captured riot police 'grabbing protestors with antiwar banners,' with Russian authorities having warned that prosecution and criminal charges could be imposed on those who do participate.

In the latest clip, another woman comes by to try and give her view to the camera, asking if the coverage is just focusing on those in protest of the invasion or if it can include the views of those who support it.

She says: 'And if anyone else has an opinion you'll film it too? And those who don't go to protests and believe that the military operation of our country... I also want to give my opinion. I'm comfortable with the fact that...'

However, she is cut off by police, who similarly to the first woman, escort her swiftly away.

A cameraperson reflects: 'This is shocking content. She's come to say she's fine with it. Obviously Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and everything else. It didn't even take a few seconds.'

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Activatica/@jonlis1/Twitter

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