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Woman Locked Out Of Home Uses Ingenious Cat To Open Door

Woman Locked Out Of Home Uses Ingenious Cat To Open Door

Voodoo the cat came to the rescue when his owner's roommate got locked out

A determined woman managed to enlist the help of an ingenious cat to help her open the door of her apartment after getting locked out.

If the internet has taught us anything, it's that animals can be very smart when they want to be. We have dogs performing tricks on skateboards, birds making witty comments and squids that can predict the future, and every day the online world offers up some new animal content to blow us away even further.

Recently it was TikTok user Bailey Rubal's turn to impress internet users with the skills of an animal; in particular, her roommate's black cat, Voodoo.

Check out how Voodoo lent Bailey a helping paw below:

In the video posted earlier this month, Bailey documented herself as she sat outside the door to her locked home - a position I'm sure many of us have been in at one time or another.

Though the simplest option in this situation is to wait for someone with a key to come to the rescue, often we're too impatient to hang around outside and instead attempt to look for alternative ways in.

Open windows are ideal in this situation - though can raise questions about security - but with seemingly no other options to choose from, Bailey found herself in the hallway, tapping on her front door to try and get Voodoo's attention.

The TikToker repeatedly tapped and scratched at the door before holding down the handle in the hope that a curious Voodoo would bat his paw at the handle on the inside enough to release the latch.

Voodoo the cat opened the door for Bailey.

She encouraged the cat to 'keep trying' as she could hear him moving on the other side, and all of a sudden a bang indicated that his mission was complete.

Bailey fell backwards through the open door, revealing Voodoo prowling about on the inside of the apartment.

The trick could prove dangerous if Voodoo ever decides to take on a Secret Life of Pets-type mission and escape from the apartment, but for now his actions were enough to earn him a wealth of praise from TikTok users.

"I’ve honestly never been so impressed before in my life," one viewer commented, while another wrote: "Hands down one of the best things I’ve watched."

Voodoo received so much praise that Bailey later posted a follow-up video to introduce him properly and show how he stood on his hind legs to open the door, prompting one commenter to describe him as 'the pure definition of a good boy'.

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Featured Image Credit: @baileyrubal/TikTok

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