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Woman comes face to face with shark just as she's about to snorkel
Featured Image Credit: juansharks/TikTok / ocean.ramsey/TikTok

Woman comes face to face with shark just as she's about to snorkel

A woman about to dive into the deep blue sea came face to face with a shark, but don't worry, it was all planned.

A woman looked like she was about to dive into the ocean and came face to face with a shark.

Donning her snorkel and ready to take the plunge into the ocean blue, the woman was holding onto the boatside ladder and about to dive into the depths when she suddenly got clear of the water.

Check it out:

Submerging her face beneath the surface of the water for just a moment, she moved back onto the boat and it looked clear why she had to make such a quick move.

The reason for her hasty withdrawal from the water appeared to be because a tiger shark burst up from beneath the waves near the boat.

People watching the incredible footage were stunned at how quickly the shark appeared.

One person dubbed her the 'luckiest person alive' for avoiding the shark, while another said if they'd have been in her place 'the water would be a deep shade of brown'.

A third person said it was a 'good thing she looked' into the water instead of diving straight in, while someone else thought it was 'just under waiting for her to jump in'.

The woman took a look under the water and a tiger shark soon emerged.

Pretty much everyone was glad it wasn't them coming face to face with a shark and felt scared at the prospect of what might have happened 'if she just slipped' while getting into the water.

However, the whole thing was actually pretty routine as the woman in the video was shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey, who was well acquainted with the tiger shark in the video.

Ramsey has been diving with the tiger shark (named Queen Nikki) for over 18 years and the two know each other well.

While it might have looked to some like the shark was rising up to try and take a bite, according to her company One Ocean Diving, Nikki was actually reacting to the colour of the fins Ramsey was wearing and she was never in any danger.

The tiger shark, called Queen Nikki, has known Ocean Ramsey for 18 years.

A professional shark diver and conservationist, Ramsey wants more people to know that sharks are not monsters, just apex predators playing their part in their ecosystem and food chain.

Sharks rarely attack humans and when they do they're not even that likely to kill someone if they do manage to get a bite in, though they can still be dangerous predators.

While we might think of sharks as the undisputed kings of the sea, incredible drone footage has spotted orcas hunting down great white sharks and killing them.

Other handy uses of drone footage have captured how sharks can behave when on the hunt, as a shark was filmed sneaking up on a pair of swimmers who were totally oblivious to its presence.

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