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Woman creates literal ‘pearl necklaces’ from people’s donated sperm

Woman creates literal ‘pearl necklaces’ from people’s donated sperm

She calls it 'j***y jewellery' on her website and we wish we were joking.

If you've ever dreamed of getting yourself a pearl necklace (and we do not mean the type that divers nick from oysters) without the mess, you're in luck.

Canadian jeweller Amanda Booth has created a line of 'j***y jewellery', where she uses human sperm to create pearl replicates for some rather unique pieces.

So, just like the sex act that sees a man ejaculate on a person's neck, chest, or breast, you can now wear your man's spunk around your collarbone.. except all the time if you like.

Well, if that's what you're into. We ain't kink shaming or judging anyone's fashion choices over here.

Booth started making 'pearl necklaces' after it was suggested by a follower, and it has been on like Donkey Kong ever since.

Her customer base mostly comes from the BDSM community, with one anonymous customer telling Vice that the necklace is a like 'little secret and inside joke' with their partner.

"After researching further into the Jizzy Jewelry shop, we both thought it would be the ultimate 'you are mine' type 'collar'," they said, as per Vice.

Another client added that her partner 'was immediately intrigued' and suggested it could be a way to commemorate their pre-baby sex life.

The partner likes to remind her that she is 'wearing [his] nut on [her] finger', Vice reports.

Other customers claimed that they purchased the spunky creations to commemorate vasectomies.

Booth shares the process of her work on social media... and people have been a bit torn about her j***y jewellery.

One TikTok user said no way, Jose: 'I’m boring, because hell to the no."

Another was revolted: "What the f**k is wrong with people?"

Some were more positive, with one pointing out: "You never know the reason behind why something is important to someone else."

Booth has also made pieces from bodily fluids, ashes, breastmilk, fur, locks of hair, and the cremated remains of loved ones or pets.

She is also contemplating pieces from blood.

Booth revealed her 'man juice' creations don't have any icky odour.

"We process them at the end of the day," she told Vice.

People double-bag and mail their 'samples' to Booth, which is legal in Canada and the US, and she sends back one of her unique creations.

If you want to get one hit up her website: Trinkets by Amanda Booth.

Featured Image Credit: Trinkets By Amanda Booth. amandaldbooth/Instagram.

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