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Woman Almost Dies After Picking Up $1 Bill From The Ground

Woman Almost Dies After Picking Up $1 Bill From The Ground

Renne Parson's body went numb after she picking up a one dollar bill

A woman claims she almost died after picking up a $1 bill from the ground.

The age old saying, 'find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck', might need some rethinking.

Renne Parson from Kentucky revealed that she went numb and was hospitalised after picking up the single note of cash.

She was driving with her husband, Justin, and children through Nashville, Tennessee, when the family opted to stop at a McDonald's to use the restroom.

Taking to Facebook, Renee explained: "We stopped at McDonald’s and while I stand with my 3 month old baby, and wait for my husband so I could go to the bathroom, I see a dollar bill on the ground.

"Thinking absolutely nothing of it - I picked it up. Holding it in my hand I look around and contemplate giving it to the little girl I saw.

"Right then my husband comes out of the bathroom and I throw the dollar in my pocket, hand him the baby, run to the bathroom.

"I wash my hands and I don’t dry them all the way. I go out to meet them and start to walk to the car a minute or so later."

Facebook/Renee Parsons

She added: "Meanwhile, I did grab the dollar out of my pocket, held it and then put it in my car door. As I did that I told my husband how lucky I was to find a random dollar.

"Then I grabbed a wipe to wipe off my hands bc I remembered him telling me not to pick up money off the ground as people have been putting it in fentanyl.

"As he began to somewhat lecture me It hit me like a ton of bricks.

"All of a sudden I felt it start in my shoulders and the feeling was quickly going down my body and it would not stop. I said, 'Justin, please help me. I'm not kidding I feel really funny'.

"I grab his arm not thinking and then my body went completely numb, I could barely talk and I could barely breath. I was fighting to stay awake as Justin was screaming at me to stay awake and trying to talk to 911 and find the closest Fire Station or Hospital."

Facebook/Renee Parsons

Renee wrote: "I passed out before we arrived at the hospital, but thankfully they worked almost as quickly as my husband did to get me there.

"It took a few hours and some meds, but I eventually started feeling somewhat normal again.

"The police officer that came to take our report told us it was one of two things; either the dollar bill was accidentally dropped and it had been used to cut and or store the drugs or it was purposely left with drugs on it. Either way, this is absolutely real and sad.

"The mixture of my wet hands and the alcohol from the wipes, mixed with my bodies reaction to that drug could of cost me my life. God has other plans for me and thankfully I’m able to reflect upon and laugh at just how BLESSED I am to have my husband, who drove like my life depended upon it; 98mph in a 35, running every red light and crossing over curbs, because if it wasn’t for his love and determination and

"Gods plan’s, I wouldn’t be here. The morale, I don’t care if it’s a $20 bill or a $100 bill do not touch it!!!"

UNILAD has contacted McDonald's for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Renee Parsons

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