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Woman who spent $50k to look like Marilyn Monroe says 'pain is beauty'

Woman who spent $50k to look like Marilyn Monroe says 'pain is beauty'

'Barbie girl' Serena Smith has racked up a whopping $50k to look like the icon

In just six years, 'Barbie girl' Serena Smith has spent a whopping $50,000 (£42,000) on plastic surgery to look like Marilyn Monroe

The 23-year-old reality star and musician from California first went under the knife at just 18 for a boob job, which took her from an A cup to a DD, setting her back a hefty $7,500 (£6,500).

She has since gone on to have several procedures, including a rhinoplasty, Brazilian bum lift (BBL), botox and lip fillers, to alter her appearance to resemble Golden Age Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Anna Nicole Smith.

Having recently taken the plunge and undergone BBL surgery, Smith says she's 'very happy' with the results.

Smith says surgery makes her feel 'empowered'.
MDWfeatures/Serena Smith

"The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery went amazingly. I am very happy with the results, I think they turned out great, the surgery completely changed my body proportions and gave me the curvier look I was after.

The BBL - a procedure that involves taking fat from areas like the stomach or back using liposuction and transplanting it into the butt and hips - is one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries out there.

According to a 2017 report from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the surgery has been responsible for an estimated one in 3,000 patient deaths - something Smith is well aware of.

"You have to be extremely cautious about who you chose to allow to operate on you because you are putting your life in their hands, especially with surgeries like the BBL," she explained. “It’s the most dangerous plastic surgery with the highest death rate.

She gets a mixed response online over her appearance.
MDWfeatures/Serena Smith

"My recommendation is to save your money and go to a highly skilled surgeon who performs safe surgery.

“If you need two operations to get your desired results it’s much more worth it than losing your life with a cheap surgery and irresponsible doctor. There are way too many horror stories out there to take that risk.”

Luckily, Smith's surgery went to plan, but recovery has been far from easy.

“I felt like I was hit by a truck,” she admitted. “The recovery for this procedure is very intense, definitely the hardest so far. You have to wear a compression garment 23 hours a day for two months and it can get pretty uncomfortable.

“The most painful part of the recovery was the initial first two weeks. I was sore all over covered in bruises and very swollen.

"I had drains in me collecting all the blood and fluids coming out of my body for almost two weeks which wasn’t a pretty sight, but in the end, it was all worth it.

“You can’t put any pressure on your butt for a couple of months. I was sleeping on my stomach for almost two months and driving around in the trunk of my friends' car lying flat on my stomach."

She racked up a hefty bill to get a 'Hollywood nose'.
MDWfeatures/Serena Smith

Despite this, Smith hasn't been put off going under the knife again and admitted she 'will never stop having surgery'.

"I’m really looking forward to my next surgery, a revision of my breast augmentation to go bigger,” she said. “I’m planning on going from 500 cc Implants to 1,000 cc implants on each side."

As for her critics, Smith says she isn't bothered by what people say about her online.

"To the people that choose to judge me and spread negativity without knowing a single thing about me or the type of person I am, I feel bad for those people who want to bring others down," she said.

“I am not hurting anyone with my choices."

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Featured Image Credit: MDWfeatures/Serena Smith

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