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Woman likely killed by 'aggressive shark' while learning to surf

Woman likely killed by 'aggressive shark' while learning to surf

Kristine Allen, 60, was on holiday in Hawaii was snorkelling with her husband happened.

A woman who disappeared while snorkelling wither husband in Hawaii earlier this month was following her dreams learning to surf just days before she died.

Kristine Allen, 60, was reported missing by her husband, Blake Allen, on 8 December.

Authorities say the couple were snorkelling about 50 yards off the coast of Keawakapu Point in South Maui, when Blake saw a shark pass by.

Kristine and Blake Allen.

He eventually swam to shore to report his wife missing after seeing a shark swim by several times.

A search for Kristine was launched, with crews from the US Coast Guard, Maui Fire Department and ocean rescue teams tried to locate Kristine for 40 hours before the search was called off.

After interviewing multiple witnesses who were at the beach that day, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) concluded by 9 December that she was likely eaten by a shark, which is believed to be a tiger shark.

In a statement, the department said: "Officers interviewed the missing woman's husband who said he encountered an 'aggressive' shark shortly after entering the water to snorkel about 50-yards off-shore.”

Some beachgoers say they saw the shark eating something in a pool of red water, which could have been blood.

However a body has not yet been found.

Kristine Allen.

A report by the investigating officer of the DLNR’s Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) found that based on the evidence, the ‘tragic accident’ was classified as ‘shark attack-fatal’.

The husband’s account has been corroborated by an eyewitness at the beach, officials have noted.

Kristine, who worked as a massage therapist and life coach, had posted about their trip on Facebook, including her achieving her dream of learning how to surf.

In her final Facebook post, shared on 2 December, Kristine wrote about her trip and how surfing served as a metaphor for getting back up when you tumble in life.

Kristine Allen learning to surf.

“I have used surfing metaphors for years: Work to get on the wave then ride the wave; Don’t over work use the universal force like a wave to carry you to your dreams,” she wrote alongside photos of her climbing up on the surfboard. “But I had never surfed.”

“Now that I have, the metaphors hold even deeper felt sense. You paddle, paddle, paddle then pop up. Ride the wave (hopefully) or fall off then paddle back for the next wave. Much like creating.

“The fun is in the creating,' she added. “Our dreams give us the motivation to keep getting back up to catch the next one even if we got tumbled.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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