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Vladimir Putin awards murderer Order of Courage after he is killed in war

Vladimir Putin awards murderer Order of Courage after he is killed in war

Ivan Neparatov was halfway through a 25-year sentence and was 'liquidated' on the front line.

Vladimir Putin has awarded an Order of Courage to a murderer after he died while fighting in Russia's ongoing war against Ukraine.

The Russian president, 69, gave the honour to Ivan Neparatov, 34, who was around halfway through a 25-year sentence when he was posted to the front line.

The serial killer was 'quickly liquidated' on the front line.
East2West News

Neparatov, whose gang reportedly killed five people, was said to have been 'quickly liquidated' after becoming one of the thousands of criminals sent to fight, according to The Insider.

The Russian president has come under fire for using criminals like murderers and rapists as 'cannon fodder' on a front line with a high death rate, the Daily Mail reports.

As well as being presented with the Order of Courage, the serial killer was given a second award 'for blood and courage' by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

The 34-year-old had committed his crimes as part of a gang, an eighth of whom were ultimately imprisoned.

They reportedly wore police uniforms and masks as they carried out their killings.

One of the victims was a woman who was strangled during a robbery.

The killer was posthumously awarded.
East2West News

The serial killer's death certificate revealed that he died at the start of August via a 'gunshot explosive shrapnel penetrating wound to the head' in Artemovsk, Donetsk.

The non-governmental organisation Russia Behind Bars said that as many as 20 percent of some prison populations have now been enlisted to fight.

The inmates are reportedly given two weeks' worth of training before they are sent.

Olga Romanova said: "Approximately 20% of the prison population is recruited – if there are 1,300 people in prison, 300 are recruited.

"They are not taken out all at once.

"They take out several squads of 50-60 people at a time."

Putin has been criticised for using criminals as cannon fodder.
East2West News

As reported by the Metro, many of the prisoners enlisted have done so in exchange for a pardon from Putin.

"Some were chosen by penal colony chiefs. They were taken off prison camp jobs against their wishes, and 'invited' to have a chat," a source told SOTA.

"These were former participants of war service, or those with reasonably senior military ranks

"Others were just told by a duty officer: 'whoever wants to go to war, go put your name forward'."

According to the Metro, people who fight for the Russian army will be paid the equivalent of £3,000, and if they lose their lives, their family will receive £64,000.

"They explain it by their desire to have an amnesty and live normally after coming back, for the sake of their families and their children," a relative said.

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