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People are baffled at 'world's best cuisines' ranking as America beats France

People are baffled at 'world's best cuisines' ranking as America beats France

The USA has some great food, but is it better than that in France?

People have been left bemused after a website declared the countries of the world with the best cuisine and included the USA in a high position.

Now, you might imagine that the USA would feature fairly low on that list, although there is definitely some great food to be had there, but you certainly wouldn’t imagine that it would feature above somewhere like France in the list, would you?

Of course, France is a world famous culinary destination, although they also have a penchant for eating some strange and unpleasant things.

Putting escargot and frog legs to one side for a minute, they’ve also got certain types of andouille, which is essentially a load of offal stuffed inside of a pig’s intestines.

Sounds great, right?

Well, according to the list compiled by TasteAtlas, which calls itself a ‘world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants’, the USA has some of the best food going.

Is this what you think of when considering American cuisine?

They put together a list of the 95 countries with the best cuisines in the world, and the USA managed to sneak into eighth place.

Sure, it ain’t the top of the pile, but it’s a top 10 finish, which isn’t bad at all.

Meanwhile, France was a place below in ninth place, and the UK – specifically England – turned up in 29th.

That still means that England beat Thailand, Lebanon, and Malaysia, all of which have some incredible food.

You can probably guess the countries that emerged at the top of the pile, can’t you?

Italy finished in first position, with Greece, Japan, India, and Spain rounding out the top five.

Fair enough, all of those places have delicious scran.

However, the US and England’s places have been the most up for debate, with many people tweeting their surprise to see the US of A sitting so highly in the chart.

"This is a list you'd come up with if you'd never eaten food,” wrote one person.

Another said: "United States and England not being in the relegation zone of this list IS A CRIME."

And a Frenchman added: "United States ahead of France, that was enough for me. Whatever."

Caviar, anyone?
The Picture Pantry/Alamy

When it came to England, more were surprised, with one person commenting: "Hi, I think there's been an error. England is on this list for some reason."

Someone else said: "Yes. and the US seems to be not just on the list, but high on the list."

Of course, it’s all subjective, because different people like different kinds of food.

Also, the USA is so vast and varied that there are hundreds and thousands of different types of food, which is part of the reason that it’s so exciting.

Still, the French must be a little bit wound up by all of this.

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