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US Warship Was Chased By Two Car-Size ‘Balls Of Light’

US Warship Was Chased By Two Car-Size ‘Balls Of Light’

UFO researcher and filmmaker Dave C. Beaty spoke to a former US Marine about the unusual sighting

A US Navy ship was chased by two car-size balls of light, a UFO researcher was told. 

Dave C. Beaty was behind The Nimitz Encounters, the 2019 two-part series about the famous ‘Tic Tac’ UFOs first spotted by the US Navy back in 2004. 

In a recent Medium post, the filmmaker opened up about a separate encounter involving the US warship USS Kearsarge.

Beaty was told by a former Marine pilot about the sightings, which started in October 2021 when the assault ship was on a training exercise off the east coast of the US.


Choosing to call the source ‘Mark’ as he didn’t want to go on the record, Beaty said that while he was not on the vessel, he ‘was familiar with the case’. 

According to Mark, the story begins with a number of Marines operating the LMADIS (Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System), a drone-killing system featuring the Polaris MRZR all-terrain vehicle.

While parked on the USS Kearsarge’s flight deck, they spotted two ‘car-sized’ lighted objects following the ship approximately 200-feet up in the air and half a mile behind them. 

“They tried to gain a track using the FLIR thermal targeting optics and could not. Likewise, it’s unclear if the crew could get a radar lock,” wrote Beaty. “So they switched to the video camera and sure enough, these two objects came into view and they began recording. While Mark has the basics of what happened next, this was related to him from a shipmate.”


He added that while some of the details are a little unclear, Mark was told that the troops tracked these objects for several nights. Mark explained: ““Each ball of light was .5 miles behind the ship at 200' doing shackle turns in November. About the size of a car is what I am told.” 

Apparently the Marines guessed that the lights were some sort of a surprise test as part of their training, so they attempted to use the technology available on the LMADIS truck – but to no avail. 

“It’s unclear what type of jamming and available countermeasures the LMADIS unit employs, but Mark said they did not succeed in disrupting the two objects in any way,” explained Beaty, adding that the UFOs continued to follow the ship. 

At this point, the troops radioed through to HQ where they were told that no one in the US Army was conducting any drone operations at that time. 

Beaty said that a more plausible explanation than ‘aliens’ is that the balls of light were potentially ‘Chinese military drones operating off nearby commercial ships’, but he is also aware that there are many unanswered questions about the sighting. 

“I’m sure we will learn more as the story develops and people come forward,” he said. “Perhaps with the recent establishment of a pentagon UAP office, more will be learned by the public. Or maybe they’ll simply hoover it all up in secret as classified info and a threat to national security.”

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Facebook/USS KEARSARGE

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