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YouTuber who posted video travelling over 200 MPH on a motorcycle is now being hunted by police

YouTuber who posted video travelling over 200 MPH on a motorcycle is now being hunted by police

Police have an arrest warrant for YouTuber Gixxer Brah after allegedly speeding at 200 MPH on a highway.

A YouTuber who posted a video travelling a whopping 200 MPH on a motorcycle down a highway is now being sought after by the police.

YouTuber Gixxer Brah is known for uploading driving videos to his channel which encompasses just over 250,000 subscribers.

The 32-year-old is not one to shy away from a sprint down the highway as if he's playing Grand Theft Auto.

However, such behavior has led to the content creator being wanted by police for several charges.

His videos often see him apparently speeding traffic and between lanes in what some people would describe as extremely dangerous driving - with his most famous stunt being a 20-minute drive from Colorado Springs to Denver, which saw him going over 200mph on the highway.

The usual speed limit, as reported by CBS, is either 65mph or 75mph, which is based on the specific area.

Typically, the 70-mile trip would take over an hour with clear roads - however, in his video from late September 2023, he was seen to be driving through traffic.

The YouTuber appeared to speed down the highway at 200 MPH.
YouTube/Gixxer Brah

Now, the man has been identified as Rendon Dietzmann through an investigation coordinated with the Dallas Police Department and El Paso County District Attorney's Office.

Colorado State Police have since put out a warrant for his arrest with seven charges attached, alleging he has put 'hundreds of people in jeopardy'.

These charges include reckless driving, reckless endangerment and engaging in a speed contest.

The YouTuber has since deleted the video from his channel, but as we all know with the internet, once something is viral there's no going back.

The arrest warrant was originally issued on December 5 2023, with Colorado Police reissuing their case last week.

The police are now on the hunt for the content creator.
YouTube/Gixxer Brah

"Illegal and reckless driving behavior will not be tolerated in Colorado," spokesperson Sgt. Troy Kessler said in a statement on Wednesday (January 24).

"We care too much for those traveling on our roadways to ignore the blatant disregard for the safety of others."

The spokesperson also added: "If you drive like this, you can expect to be arrested when you are located.

"This is the best outcome for a person who drives violently since the smallest mistake could result in his death or that of an innocent person in the area.

"We simply have 'NO TOLERANCE' towards someone who so blatantly disregards the well-being of the community."

While Dietzmann's most infamous video may have been deleted, his YouTube channel is still full of clips showcasing him appearing to drive over the speed limit.

UNILAD has reached out to Dietzmann through his social media.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Gixxer Brah

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