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103-year-old WWII veteran reveals his secret to longevity

103-year-old WWII veteran reveals his secret to longevity

Frank Pugliano Sr. celebrated his 103rd birthday earlier this month

No one really knows the secret to living a long life, but it seems a 103-year-old World War II veteran has a pretty good idea.

Frank Pugliano Sr. celebrated reaching the remarkable age earlier this month with his nearest and dearest at Boyce Park, outside of Pittsburgh.

Dressed in his WWII veteran jacket and hat, Pugliano wined and dined on tables that were decorated with little American flags.

The World War II veteran seemingly had a wonderful time, calling his latest birthday the 'greatest day of his life'.

He told WTAE: “I never thought I’d be here at 103, going from what I went through. You never know. A lot of my friends never made it, but I made it.”

The World War II veteran celebrated his 103rd birthday earlier this month. (Facebook)
The World War II veteran celebrated his 103rd birthday earlier this month. (Facebook)

Pugliano has lived quite the life, which really kicked off when the Italian-born soldier immigrated to the US aged six.

After graduating from Penn Hills High School in 1942, Pugliano enlisted in the US Army and served for three years in the Pacific theater.

During his time on the front line, the solider survived a Japanese torpedo attack while he was on a convoy mission to Luzon in the Philippines.

Pugliano tragically saw a lot of young men lose their lives during the attack.

In 1945, he was honorably discharged from the Army.

Pugliano married his high school sweetheart Mary Strough when he retuned home, and they were together for 65 years before she passed away in 2011.

As for work, he became a diesel mechanic back in the US, specializing in heavy equipment.

So, how has the war hero lived such a long and healthy life?

There was even cake! (Facebook)
There was even cake! (Facebook)

Well, you'd think it would be due to something like a good amount of exercise, eating healthy food and just generally looking after yourself.

But Pugliano told WTAE that he credits Coca-Cola and dark chocolate as the reason he's made it to 103.

I mean, whatever works for you.

After he reached the big 100, Pugliano credited 'good Italian genes' and staying active as the main reasons for his long life.

"I keep busy. I cut my own grass. My diet is whatever I want to eat, I eat," he told TRIBLive in 2021.

Pugliano’s son, Frank Pugliano Jr., added: "His health is remarkable and he doesn’t look his age. His frame of mind, everything … it’s absolutely incredible."

Featured Image Credit: Frank Pugliano Sr./Facebook

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