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American mom lists reasons she would never move back to the US

American mom lists reasons she would never move back to the US

Aly took to TikTok to share her experiences of moving to Germany from the USA - and why she never wants to move back

A US mom who emigrated to Germany has shared the reasons why she never wants to move back to America.

Aly explained that she had initially argued with her German husband about emigrating from the US and moving to Germany, but she now says she doesn't want to move back.

The mom documented her journey on TikTok, explaining the many reasons why she feels much happier in Germany than she did in the US.

And let's just say, from healthcare that won't result in bankruptcy to not living in fear of her children's lives every time they go to school, there's a lot.

She began: "Because I don't have to worry about affording my health insurance, because my kids can go outside and play without me having to worry because the crime rates are so much lower."

But it wasn't just these; it was also the far better public amenities in Germany, as well as how employees are treated at their place of work.

She continued: "Public transportation. Thirty-plus vacation days a year. So much paid paternal leave."

She shared her experiences of moving to the US.
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There was also the feeling that she felt her son would have better prospects moving there, adding: "Because my son is now bilingual and working on becoming trilingual. Because I'll save $100,000 in my son's paid university tuition. Because I no longer have to worry about my own student loans."

She also spoke about how, while there are many religious people in Germany, religion did not permeate everyday life to anywhere near the same extent.

She said: "Because even though I live in the most religious state, I'm not shamed for being an atheist."

Then there were the costs around childcare, and not having to worry about the ever-present threat of her child's school being the next one plastered across the news after someone went in with a gun.

It's fair to say that the list was pretty long.
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She continued: "Because I can actually afford daycare. Because my kids don't have to worry about being unalived at school. And because my taxes actually go towards helping other families."

Her videos also take a look at how her emigration to Germany has helped her to develop a deeper understanding of herself, as it has allowed her to put her own experiences as a US citizen in a wider global context.

With far better protections for employees, as well as universal healthcare, and far greater paid holidays as well as maternity and paternity leave, who can blame her?

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