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People stunned by massive 'do not stop' list of locations in US where truckers are in danger
Featured Image Credit: 5m3photos/Reddit/u/Vertigo_uk123

People stunned by massive 'do not stop' list of locations in US where truckers are in danger

The list shows places where a truck carrying certain kinds of goods shouldn't stop for a very good reason

A list of locations in the US where trucks shouldn't stop has left people stunned, with many pondering over how they haven't ever considered them before.

If you still think that being a trucker is just driving for a very, very long time, then think again.

There are a lot of risks to the job, and while accidents are absolutely among them, they are certainly not limited to that.

You also have to think about the loneliness, not to mention the long term health effects the job could have.

But there's also another more immediate risk.

Trucking can be a dangerous game.
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Picture that you are driving alone a long way from anywhere and in charge of thousands, potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cargo.

It doesn't take much worldly knowledge to make the leap of what kind of people or groups that might make you a magnet for.

For example, you may have seen two lorries reversed up to each other so that the back ends are very nearly touching.

This is a tactic to block access to the doors and protect the cargo while the drivers sleep.

But another tactic used by haulage firms includes advising employees of dangerous or risky locations.

The list goes by state, and includes specific truck stops which the company in question has deemed to be a risk to their employees and their cargo.

The list showed locations deemed unsafe for drivers to stop.
Reddit / Vertigo_uk123

We're not just talking about opportunistic petty criminals trying their luck on an HGV here either.

These are listed as areas where organised crime is known to present a particular danger.

Needless to say that's not something you would want to deal with if you're on the road by yourself.

The list was posted on Reddit to the subreddit mildlyinteresting, and people went into the comments to share their thoughts on the list.

One asked: "I’m curious if there’s something about these places that makes it risky for just truckers or if regular travellers should also stay away."

Others responded to the question to explain.

One wrote: "For the ones I’ve been to on the list I can definitely see why they are listed. Mostly though this list is for high value loads where organized crime does stings to steal the load.

"It’s not for someone breaking into your truck to steal the tablet. It’s for people stealing a truck load of cigarettes or the like."

Another replied: "It's for theft (organized theft) of High Value Loads, like a trailer full of cigarette cartons.

"Sometimes the theft starts with a corrupt employee at the weigh stations who ask 'what's in the load'. Smart drivers tell them it's 'sealed' or 'not your concern' if they feel froggy."

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