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Family purchases $10,000 in gift cards for Disneyland to then realize they're for Disney+
Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

Family purchases $10,000 in gift cards for Disneyland to then realize they're for Disney+

The family purchased the gift cards thinking they would be for their holiday, but were actually for a whole lot of subscriptions

A family ended up having quite the shock when they purchased $10,000 worth of Disney+ vouchers, thinking they'd be redeemable at Disneyland.

Andie Coston shared a viral TikTok where she detailed the gaffe which threw the trip into chaos.

The family had been planning to take a Disney vacation and decided to purchase some vouchers for the family to use on the vacation.

They had originally planned to take the vacation back in 2020, but were forced to postpone their trip when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

This is when her parents decided to purchase $10,000 worth of vouchers for the family to redeem and use at the park when they were eventually able to go.

The plan had been to use these for various tickets and restaurant reservations. But things soon ran into a small snag.

Andie took to TikTok to explain: "We finally planned it for this Christmas. All 16 of my family members were going. To save some money, my parents bought 10k of Disney gift cards to purchase our tickets and restaurant reservations."

She continued: "I went home this weekend, and they were having problems loading the gift cards correctly and purchasing the tickets."

The family were visiting a Disney resort for Christmas.
Li Zhihua/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

So, what went wrong?

Well, it turns out that instead of vouchers for a Disney theme park, they had inadvertently bought $10,000 worth of vouchers to use for a subscription for Disney+.

That's a lot of Disney+ subscriptions.

The panicked family posted a video asking people for help in figuring out how they could resolve the situation, hoping to "turn the $10,000 of Disney streaming gift cards into $10,000 of Disney Parks gift cards."

They said: "We leave in 6 days and the parks are selling out of tickets because it's Christmas. My mom is distraught, Dad frustrated, and the kids worried we won't get into Disney."

They accidentally bought vouchers for Disney+.
Idrees Abbas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

As the numbers had already been scratched off the back, they were not eligible to be returned.

Fortunately, after reaching out to Disney, the company were able to transfer over the gift cards so that they could use them in the parks rather than on $10,000 worth of Disney+.

Speaking about the experience with PEOPLE, Andie said: "I am so glad we were able to get it resolved, especially for my parent's sake. It was also good to hear that my parents are not the only ones who have experienced this.

"I received many messages and comments from people telling me that they or someone they know have had similar experiences.

"I hope that this story makes more people aware of the card difference so no one else experiences this."

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