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Teen praised for expert handling of customer who calls her a 'b***h' over $6 refund

Teen praised for expert handling of customer who calls her a 'b***h' over $6 refund

A 17-year-old has received an outpouring of support for her 'amazing' response to a customer's demand for a $6 refund

People are flooding to social media in praise over how a teenager dealt with an adult customer who cussed at her.

Anyone who's ever worked in any sort of hospitality or customer service role will know that the saying, 'The customer's always right' couldn't be further from the truth. And in this incident, the customer was far from right, but her rudeness was dealt with in the best way by the store's 17-year-old employee.

Keke's Snow Balls is a family-owned business based in Willis, Texas which sells flavored ice balls and creams. The money it raises goes towards the family's orphanage in Guatemala, according to its website.

Alas, the business' charitable foundations and children and teens helping run the store didn't deter one customer from storming back in to complain and demanding a $6 refund.

A video posted to the store's TikTok yesterday (July 1), shows a woman standing at the front of the store with her hand on her hip claiming she put $6 on her account with the store, but when her daughter came up to get her snow cone, she was allegedly told she couldn't have one, subsequently demanding a refund.

A small child working at the store tries to help resolve the situation, questioning whether the daughter stated the account number but before she's even finished speaking the customer butts in.

Another kid working in the store then comes over and simply retrieves $6 out of the till, hands it over and shuts the window, but unfortunately, the drama is yet to even properly begin.

The store is a family-owned business. (Instagram/@kekessnowballs)
The store is a family-owned business. (Instagram/@kekessnowballs)

The younger kid's pre-emptive 'Oh no' really says it all - with the customer coming back into view.

The teen opens the shutter, only to be met with the customer flipping over a book and calling her: "B***h."

And the teen's response? Well, it's nothing short of iconic.

They say: "Ma'am please don't act like that you're a grown woman. You're a grown woman, I'm 17.

"Get out of here. Don't come back. Don't come back. We don't need your business."

The store's caption to the video reads: "We believe in defending our employees! Teenagers who are working should be treated with respect no matter what."

And it's not taken long for social media users to weigh in.

The customer decided to cuss at a teenager over $6. (TikTok/@kekessnowballs)
The customer decided to cuss at a teenager over $6. (TikTok/@kekessnowballs)

One TikToker said: "Over $6?! That’s crazy."

"'We don’t need your business.' What a queen though," another added.

A third commented: "Your response. I had a lady freak out at me at 17 when I was working retail and I just cried, props to you."

A fourth penned: "The way you handled that at 17 is amazing!"

And a final resolved: "This is so sad. She got her money back and still acted like that. These young ladies are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!"

UNILAD has contacted Keke's Snow Balls for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kekessnowballs

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