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Couple scammed out of over $700 by Taco Bell employee as police warn of 'numerous other' victims

Couple scammed out of over $700 by Taco Bell employee as police warn of 'numerous other' victims

Customers claim that they lost hundreds of dollars

Police arrested a Taco Bell employee in Oregon, Ohio earlier this month after a couple complained of strange transactions on their credit card.

The Oregon Police Department say they arrested a man named Trevell Mosby after customers complained of fraudulent purchases appearing on their accounts.

According to ABC a number of customers had been to the Taco Bell on Navarre Avenue when they checked their accounts and discovered hundreds of dollars worth of transactions they hadn't made.

A couple who said they visited the Taco Bell in Ohio twice a week told the outlet that they discovered over $700 worth of credit card charges after realising that their bank accounts were down by a large amount.

They explained that they'd been to the drive-thru at the fast food outlet when a member of staff had told them their card wasn't working and they'd have to swipe it.

Crystal and Kristin Orwig discovered that their bank accounts were missing several hundred dollars after a trip to Taco Bell.

Taco Bell regulars Kristin and Crystal Orwig thought something was wrong with the interaction because they'd just used the card a few minutes earlier without problems.

They said to WTVG/Gray News: "I hand the kid my card and he swipes it. He’s in there for a few minutes and kind of looks over at me because we’re like ‘Where’s my card?’ and he’s like ‘Oh. I’m sorry I’m having trouble with your card, I’m going to have to swipe it'."

While the couple were concerned and suspicious that their card had apparently just stopped working the employee serving them soon said they'd got the card to work.

The Orwigs are now attempting to recover their lost money after discovering they were out of pocket by over $700 more than they expected.

"My card will never come out of my hand again," Crystal said. "You can hand me the machine. I’ll pay for it that way."

A Taco Bell employee was arrested after police said multiple people complained of being scammed.
Mike Kemp / Contributor / Getty

According to police, multiple customers have told them about fraudulent purchases appearing on their accounts after going to the Navarre Avenue Taco Bell.

They said that Mosby was an employee at the restaurant after arresting him, and that unfortunately there's not a lot people can do to protect themselves from these sorts of scams apart from paying in cash and checking their bank transactions regularly.

UNILAD have contacted Taco Bell for comment.

In other Taco Bell news, a man sued them for false advertisement to the tune of $5 million after claiming that the food they served up looks nothing like it does in their pictures.

Featured Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / Oregon Police

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