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OnlyFans creator making six figures a month explains why she always knew she would work in the industry
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/sharnabeckman

OnlyFans creator making six figures a month explains why she always knew she would work in the industry

It was always the career choice for her.

An OnlyFans model has revealed that she had always known that this was the career path she wanted to go down.

Sharna Beckham makes six figures each month from her subscribers on OnlyFans.

Her earnings are made of a combination of her monthly subscription charges and any extra tips that she gets.

For those who still don't know, OnlyFans is a platform where people can put their content behind a paywall where users pay a monthly fee to access it.

Users can also add 'tips' to posts which are put out as well.

While OnlyFans has lots of different content, it is mainly known for adult entertainment.

But while some might decide to join the platform as a side-hustle, Sharna, who is a creator from Australia, told UNILAD she had 'always' known that she wanted to go into sex work.

Sharna says she's always known she wanted to work in the sex industry.

She said: "I've always known that I would be in the sex work industry.

"I love exploring my sexuality and trying new things; its opened up a whole new world for me."

And what a world it is, as Sharna revealed that this has sometimes resulted in some unusual requests from fans.

She described how a common request, which results in a lot of tips, is for 'humiliation'.

This is more or less exactly what it sounds like.

This has included some unusual requests in her messages, where fans will offer a one off payment for a 'custom' video.

OnlyFans creator Sharna Beckman has shared some of the kink requests she gets.

She said: "This is where fans want you to belittle them, tell them how small their genitals are.

"I remember I had this one fan who would send me videos of himself nude, wearing nothing but heels and a handbag.

"Then he began to hit his genitals with the heels, like extremely hard.

"It turned him on and he would pay big bucks just to be humiliated."

Takes all sorts to make a world!

While these kind of videos are clearly at the more extreme end of the requests that she gets, Sharna revealed that a lot of people simply want to feel like they have an online 'girlfriend'.

Sometimes, she says, people want an 'online girlfriend'.

Her account is clearly paying off, with her taking home six figure sums from the platform.

Meanwhile, other content involves posting some snaps in bikinis on her social media pages such as Instagram, or showing off the many locations she travels to.

So far, Sharna has racked up an impressive 32 countries on her passport, and plans to visit more.

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