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OnlyFans creator reveals she’s ‘completely broke’ after starting account

OnlyFans creator reveals she’s ‘completely broke’ after starting account

The spicy content creator opened up about the realities of running an OnlyFans account

An OnlyFans creator has revealed how her life has turned upside down since she launched her OnlyFans account, admitting she's 'lost everything'.

The subscription-based platform might be thought of as a way to make 'easy money', but in reality this can be far from the case.

While there are some OnlyFans creators who go on to make tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, most of these people are already famous in another capacity.

This means that they already have a public profile they can capitalise on to grow their account.

The creator shared her dilemma online. (Instagram/cowgirl6999)
The creator shared her dilemma online. (Instagram/cowgirl6999)

But for the average person starting out, making it big on the platform selling saucy snaps is like winning the lottery.

Unfortunately, X-rated creator Sarah found this out the hard way after she started an OnlyFans account.

After being in the industry for nearly two years she revealed that her attitude has completely changed.

The creator explained that she had wanted to get into OnlyFans to make money, before leaving and using it to start her own business.

But in a video posted to her TikTok page she revealed that this is not how it has turned out for her.

She admitted: “I’m completely broke. I lost my house and yeah, I’m just kind of failing at life at the moment.

“I feel like I’ve lost everything to do this job. I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost family members and I’ve made myself financially cooked.”

Speaking to she explained what she thought might be the reasoning, telling the outlet: “The general societal opinion seems to be that porn is easy money, but anyone who has spent substantial time in this line of work understands the over-saturation in the market and the amount of work required to maintain a fan base."

Sarah shared that her experiences have changed her outlook. (Instagram/@cowgirl6999)
Sarah shared that her experiences have changed her outlook. (Instagram/@cowgirl6999)

While there are some big accounts on OnlyFans, the median earnings on the platform come to just $180 a month before taxes.

The top one percent of biggest accounts are making around a third of all revenue on the platform.

But despite finding out it's not what she expected it to be, the creator from Australia remained sanguine about her situation.

She explained that choosing to become a creator on OnlyFans has helped her to discover a passion for photography and creativity.

Her experience has also helped her to become more confident. She said: “Doing OnlyFans opened the door for me to become more confident in myself and my artistic ability. This job has inspired me to pursue both modelling and photography.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@cowgirl6999/TikTok/@countrygirlsdoitbetter

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