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Man shocked after receiving 'gross' message from restaurant as he cancels booking due to being hospitalized
Featured Image Credit: X/@trevorshowvan / Getty Stock Images

Man shocked after receiving 'gross' message from restaurant as he cancels booking due to being hospitalized

The man was stunned after receiving a blunt message from the owner of a restaurant after cancelling his booking due to being hospitalised

A man was left stunned after receiving an extremely blunt message from a restaurant when he was forced to cancel.

He had been due to eat at the restaurant during a trip to Boston, but unfortunately was forced to cancel when he was hospitalised.

Of all the reasons to cancel a restaurant booking, that's definitely up there as among the extremely reasonable ones.

Unfortunately the restaurant did not react well to the cancellation, and the owner personally contacted the guest, berating him for cancelling the booking.

The owner wrote: "I just wanted to personally thank you for screwing over my restaurant and my staff when you disputed your cancellation fee.

"I really hope in the future you have more respect for restaurants, especially small businesses such as mine. Pathetic."

The shocking message.

Needless to say the guest was not impressed with the message, and responded with a scathing reply.

He began: "Firstly, want to express my disappointment and shock at the tone and content of your message.

"As a patron and supporter of independent restaurants, l understand the challenges small businesses face, particularly in a post covid world.

"My decision to use my credit card's travel insurance to address the lofty cancellation fee was not made lightly and certainly not with the intention to 'screw over' your establishment or your staff."

The man was not impressed.

He added: "It is crucial to note that my cancellation was due to unforeseen circumstances, specifically hospitalization."

The guest then addressed the message itself, not holding back.

He wrote: "The decision to reach out to a customer with such a scolding and disparaging message is, frankly, astounding.

"Such actions not only damage the rapport you have with your patrons but also reflect poorly on your establishment's professionalism and customer service ethos."

But he wasn't quite done yet. He went on to offer them some advice about how to conduct themselves.

He vowed to never eat there again.

"Moving forward, I hope you will consider a more empathetic and professional approach when dealing with similar situations," he wrote.

"The success of small businesses is something I deeply care about, but mutual respect and understanding are paramount."

But it seems that the restaurant still wasn't done despite the extensive response, with things getting so bad that they even threatened legal action over the dispute.

People were not impressed with the exchange, and took to the comments.

And then threatened the share the whole thing publicly.

One wrote: "Funny thing is because of their actions with sending you that message now they have actually screwed over their restaurant considering 2.5 MILLION people have seen this tweet. Oops!"

A second tweeted: "Wild that they would respond to a customer like this."

A third said: "This is truly unhinged behavior. I get being annoyed by a canceled reservation and lost revenue but this is WAY over and beyond normal or professional."

UNILAD has contacted the restaurant for a comment.

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