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Human remains found in hunt for missing man who made chilling 911 call 11 years ago
Featured Image Credit: helpfindbrandonlawson/Facebook

Human remains found in hunt for missing man who made chilling 911 call 11 years ago

Brandon Lawson has been missing for over a decade

Brandon Lawson went missing on the night of August 9, 2013.

The father-of-four ran out of gas while on the road, and never made it home to his family.

Brandon's loved ones, as well as others in the San Angelo community in Texas, have long searched for answers and, while many would have given up after so long, nine years into their search they found a key piece of evidence.

A small search party investigated Brandon's last known whereabouts in early 2022 and came across a pile of the missing father's clothes.

The team then contacted the local authorities who conducted a further search in the area, ultimately leading to them discovering human remains.

Authorities first became aware of Brandon's situation on the night of his disappearance when he made a chilling 911 call.

In a recording of the conversation, he explained that his truck ran out of gas and that there was 'a guy chasing me through the woods'.

"Please hurry," he urged the first responded on the phone.

"There'll be no talking to them," Brandon went on. "I accidentally ran into them."

Brandon Lawson (pictured with his wife, Ladessa) has been missing since 2013.
Help Find Brandon Lawson/Facebook

Going on to ask if anyone was hurt, the woman on the other end of the phone is met with silence.

Now, over two years on from finding human remains near Brandon's last known location and DNA results are still be to be finalized.

His family has been keeping people updated on the case via a Facebook page dedicated to finding Brandon.

In October 2023, they issued an update on the findings.

"We do have a small update regarding the human remains found in February of last year," read the post.

"Since our last post the laboratory has been continuing to try to pull any kind of DNA/Genetic markers from the remains. A few weeks ago one of the tests was able to extract some information. This test confirms that the remains are in fact those of a Male. The test was also able to extract some Genetic markers that can be compared to DNA from Brandon's father in attempt to ID them as being Brandon.

"While The Texas Ranger in charge of Brandon's case stressed not to hang all of our hopes on this news. He did say that he was feeling positive about it, as are we."

Sadly, as of February 2024, there haven't been any further updates on if the remains have been successfully ID'd as Brandon, but his family continue to try and find answers.

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