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Dramatic footage shows special moment Ohio family finds their missing 4-year-old child

Dramatic footage shows special moment Ohio family finds their missing 4-year-old child

The search party was helped by a helicopter pilot from Ohio State Highway Patrol

Footage caught the moment cops in Ohio found a missing four-year-old boy in a field following a helicopter search.

Ohio State Highway Patrol shared the emotional clip, which was filmed on July 20 by a camera onboard a helicopter involved in the search.

You can watch the moving moment the child was reunited with his family here:

The youngster went missing in Xenia Township, outside of Dayton, and sparked a joint effort from Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Section and Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

While carrying out the search, the helicopter pilot was heard to say: "I believe I have located him.

"He’s in the corner of the bean field walking around."

The cameras captured the boy walking through crops, as the on-foot search drew close.

"Yep, right there, walk straight that way right there he’s about 20 yards in front of you," the pilot said as the team approached.

A woman, believed to be the boy’s mother, can then be seen picking up the boy while a man turns, looks up to the helicopter and gives the pilot the thumbs-up.

The boy was spotted by a helicopter pilot.
Ohio State Highway Patrol

"The family has got him, they are giving us a thumbs up," the pilot said.

Another voice can be heard thanking the pilot for their help through the police radio, to which he replied: "Absolutely, give us a call anytime.”

The clip has since been shared on Twitter where people have been quick to praise those involved in the search, with one person writing: “Thank you for sharing this incredible story! It's heartwarming to see law enforcement going above and beyond to help families in need.”

Another said: “Kudos for the fine work of our OSP Aviation Unit!”

Someone else commented: “This is so awesome, glad they located the missing child!”

A fourth wrote: “Well done Ohio State Highway Patrol!”

Ohio State Highway Patrol told Fox News that the family were ‘very grateful’ after being reunited with their son.

The boy was reunited with his family.
Ohio State Highway Patrol

The circumstances surrounding what happened leading up to the disappearance are not immediately clear.

This isn’t the first time the Aviation Section has helped find a missing person. Earlier this year, four teenagers were found near the Tuscarawas River in Dover after disappearing hours earlier.

The helicopter team was called on by Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s office, and were able to locate them following a six-hour search.

The four teens were found in their swimming gear, shivering and freezing cold. Fortunately, no one was injured and the teens were reunited with their families.

Featured Image Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol

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