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Boston police officer injures himself going down children's slide
Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @LiveBoston617

Boston police officer injures himself going down children's slide

A policeman had to receive treatment after getting injured going doing a kid's slide.

A policeman had to receive treatment after getting injured going down a kid's slide.

You know when you walk past the old playground you used to go to when you were little and - seeing it completely empty - think about whether you should have a go on the equipment for old times sake?

Well, this video proves maybe it's best to keep on walking - adult bodies are not always the best suited for parks designed for kids.

A Boston policeman found this out the hard way when, he not only went soaring off the end of City Hall Plaza park's slide, but the clip of him doing so went viral on social media.

The video - shared to multiple social media platforms - does well to show off the renovations recently done on the park.

A snazzy new orange and blue tower can be seen in the background with a long, shiny, silver slide cascading out of the front.

The footage also does well to show off the painful attempt of a police officer to go down the slide - the officer speeding out of the tunnel backwards at an alarming speed, face-down to the base of the slide.

He then flies off the end, swearing as he's flung onto the floor and bounces along the ground before miraculously appearing to begin to get up.

The police officer doesn't make a great start.

Boston Police told Boston 25 News the officer did injure himself in the incident, but hasn't charged the city, instead using his personal insurance to patch himself back up.

Authorities also stressed the policeman wasn't messing around on the slide during his work hours and so no disciplinary action needs to be taken.

Reflecting on the park's recently upgraded space, mayor of Boston Michelle Wu said: "We were just there over the weekend for the Puerto Rican festival. Every inch of City Hall Plaza, newly renovated, was in use.

"It was amazing to see so many kids all over the water features at that playground."

He goes flying.

However, the mayor certainly wasn't expecting the playground to get christened by a police officer injuring himself on the slide.

Mayor Wu added: "I don’t know what the circumstances were or what happened. But, I will definitely check in and make sure the officer is ok.

"If it looks like that there needs to more signage that this is for children or something, we can do that too."


While the question of needing more signage in the playground is discussed, others have flooded to social media to weigh in on the clip.

One user joked: "He’s currently pressing charges against the slide. He may have to take this to civil court."

"Any suit he files would be [play] groundless," another added.

The third resolved: "We'll let it slide."

UNILAD has contacted Boston Police for comment.

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