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New Yorkers are all saying the same thing after 4.7 magnitude earthquake strikes

New Yorkers are all saying the same thing after 4.7 magnitude earthquake strikes

Locals were left stunned after the earthquake struck in New Jersey

Locals in New York City have all been left saying the same thing after a 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck the city.

Residents of the Big Apple were left stunned when the ground beneath them suddenly began to shake at approximately 10:20am local time today (5 April), as an earthquake struck in New Jersey.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake struck approximately 7km north of Whitehouse Station at a depth of 4.7km, and could be felt in from Boston down to Baltimore.

New York Metro Weather confirmed news of the earthquake.

Its impacts were enough to cross state lines and shake the ground in New York, prompting residents to flood to X to make sure they weren't the only ones who felt it.

The earthquake was quickly confirmed by authorities including the office of New York Mayor Eric Adams, who wrote on X: "New York City just felt the impacts of a 4.8 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter of Lebanon, New Jersey.

"@NYCMayor is being briefed. While we do not have any reports of major impacts at this time, we’re still assessing the impact."

Once news of the earthquake had been confirmed, locals were quick to point out one thing: New York is not used to earthquakes.

X users from the Big Apple all shared in that sentiment as they commented on the quake, with one person writing: "Anybody else just felt the earthquake rn???? IN NEW YORK???"

Residents are entirely baffled by the event.

"not to be weird but was there just an earthquake in new york?," another added, while a third wrote: "DID ANYONE IN NEW YORK JUST FEEL AM [sic] EARTHQUAKE WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT."

The Federal Aviation Administration has reported that a number of incoming flights at the three major airports in and around New York City were being diverted from landing as a result of the earthquake, while airplanes were grounded at JFK Airport in Queens, New York, and Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey.

Impacts of the earthquake are still being determined, but the Mayor's office has encouraged people to be wary of aftershocks.

"In case of an aftershock, drop to the floor, cover your head and neck, and take additional cover under a solid piece of furniture, next to an interior wall, or in a doorway," the office said on X.

"We will be updating the public very soon with additional updates."

The National Tsunami Warning Center has assured there is no danger of a tsunami after the earthquake.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Hondros / Staff/ANGELA WEISS / Contributor

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