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New York accent has been declared the least attractive in the world
Featured Image Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images / John Moore/Getty Images

New York accent has been declared the least attractive in the world

New York is been found to be the least attractive accident in the world, followed by Boston in second and American Midwestern in third

If you're a homegrown New Yorker, then you might want to move it from your Tinder profile as it's apparently the 'least attractive' accent.

While a host of famous (and attractive) faces come from the 'the city that never sleeps' - here's looking at you Anne Hathaway - apparently the accent that comes with the territory doesn't score well in terms of attractiveness.

In a new study conducted by Highland Titles, 1,000 Americans were asked about the accents they find attractive and least attractive.

As I'm sure you can probably guess, the Australian accident come up top as the most attractive, followed by Scottish, London(ish?), Irish and French.

Italian came in sixth, with Welsh in seventh and - surprisingly - the Brummie accent came in eighth.

I take it that American Great British Bake Off fans will be pleased to know that Brummie queen Alison Hammond has joined the show then...

While on the unattractive scale, New York was number one. Sorry, Robert De Niro.

The Birmingham accent made it in the top eight 'most attractive' accents.
Joe Maher/WireImage

In fact, the top three spots were all American accents as Boston was second, and American Midwestern came in third.

Canadian came up as the fourth least attractive, followed by American Southern.

Then was the Spanish accent, the German accent and the Yorkshire accent coming in last - and I'm sure Sean Bean stans worldwide are very offended.

With these statistics in mind, Highland Titles have urged people to date outside their local area, as apparently over 75 percent of participants who were attracted to women liked someone with some kind of accent, while 67 percent of those attracted to men also sharing the same preference.

The least attractive accents have also been linked with which voices participants found 'most annoying': New York, Boston and Midwestern, with a survey last year finding similar results.

The Boston accent has been branded as 'annoying' by some.
Bobby Bank/GC Images

According to a survey conducted by language learning platform Preply in 2022, the 2,000 people who took part branded the Boston accent as the 'most annoying'.

But, in the list of celebrities with the 'most annoying' voices, Mark Wahlberg was no where to be seen and it was actually Fran Drescher who came up top.

Kim Kardashian came in second, with the late Gilbert Gottfried in third.

While British accents have proven popular all round, James Corden still managed to find himself in the top ten most annoying celebrity accents, coming in eighth place behind Donald Trump.


The former Late Late Show host was the only Brit to make the top ten.

Elsewhere, Idris Elba was voted was the celebrity with the most attractive celebrity voice.

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