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Mom storms out of graduation ceremony after son is 'snubbed' for school award

Mom storms out of graduation ceremony after son is 'snubbed' for school award

The furious mom was incandescent at her child not being included in the awards, pointing out his achievements

A furious mom spoke out after attending a graduation ceremony where her child did not receive an award.

The mom from Atlanta made her feelings about her son not being given an award very clear as she yelled expletives in front of shocked staff and parents.

The mom made her feelings very well known. (TikTok / @just.netris)
The mom made her feelings very well known. (TikTok / @just.netris)

A video of the incident has gone viral online, racking up more than 10 million views on TikTok.

The mom had been attending a graduation award ceremony at her child's elementary school in the US.

But she was left horrified when she found out that her son had been snubbed from the awards despite his academic achievements.

A caption underneath the post online read: "She literally started out of nowhere, the principal was giving his final remarks… telling the kids to read over the summer."

The incident was posted on social media with text overlaid on the video reading: "Imagine coming to your child award ceremony and you mad he ain't get an award."

In the video the outraged mom can be heard yelling: “His report card says different,” as well as “pull that s**t up!”.

She also drew attention to the other students who had been assembled there and had been receiving an award.

“You’re gonna single these mother f**king kids out," the mom could be heard to say.

Finally she spoke to her child, telling him 'let’s go!' before the pair walked out of the auditorium.

People had a lot of thoughts about the parent's outburst, and took to the comments on social media to share them.

One wrote: "My kids school sends multiple messages home saying that NOT EVERY KID WILL GET AN AWARD. And they usually send the parents a message saying if their kid will be getting one so you can be aware."

Staff and students were left shocked. (TikTok / @just.netris)
Staff and students were left shocked. (TikTok / @just.netris)

Others took a different view, instead saying that every child should get at least a participation award.

One wrote: "I’m elementary they give all kids some type of award to not make any kids left out."

Another commented: "This is why you make sure you give every kid an award."

Some different people shared some of their personal experiences with similar situations, with one person writing: "That happened to my sister but my mom didn’t do that."

Meanwhile a second said: "No bc this happened to me in the first grade they didn’t wanna give me my award and my parents didn’t come so I cried like it rlly do hurt the kids."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@just.netris

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