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Missing 17-year-old spotted on random Twitch stream seven weeks after his disappearance

Missing 17-year-old spotted on random Twitch stream seven weeks after his disappearance

Troy Coleman 17, was last seen by loved ones in May, however someone claiming to be his brother says they spotted him in a Twitch livestream

A person has come forward claiming to have recognised their missing brother in a Twitch livestream.

Troy Coleman, 17, was last seen by family and friends on 17 May, 2024 in Mt Morris Township, Michigan and hasn't been heard from since.

However, a Twitch streamer has since spoken out, revealing they've been emailed by someone claiming to be Troy's brother who says they recognized a boy in a livestream and think it could be the missing teen.

Troy Coleman missing poster (Missing and exploited children)
Troy Coleman missing poster (Missing and exploited children)

Twitch streamer FaZe Lacy took to his X profile to share a still image of a boy who appeared on his livestream.

The image shows a shirtless man in bright green shorts and in the livestream, he could be seen walking up the sidewalk before stopping to chat with the streamers.

In his post to X on 3 July, Lacy's caption reads: "Three months ago a 17 year old kid went missing and was put on homicide. Yesterday on stream he came up to me and Clix and now his family knows he is alive and in Miami.

"I wasn’t sure if i should make this public but im hoping somehow this helps him be found for his family."

But why does he believe the boy in the livestream is Troy? Well, the streamer also shared a screenshot of an email allegedly sent to him by Troy's brother.

The email reads: "Hello my name is Trent Coleman and my missing little brother from Michigan was on Clix and Lacy's stream in Miami, he was wearing green shorts and they were making fun of him, he is not on drugs, he is schizophrenic and he is 17 years old.

"If someone can contact me about this i would be so thankful he has been missing for three months and his case was put on homicide in michigan."

When asked what he thought of the email, Lacy told a social media user: "I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it means they thought he was dead but now his family knows he’s alive. Power of the internet is wild."

Troy's family have previously issued a public appeal in a bid to find the missing teen. The 17-year-old is reported as being around 6'4'' tall, weighing 165 to 180 pounds and having blue eyes and brown hair.

Authorities ask anyone with information to contact the Flint Township Police Department at 810-600-3250.

UNILAD has contacted Flint Township Police Department for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @LacyHimself/X/Missing and exploited children

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