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Luke Bryan's bar claims student who went missing had just one alcoholic drink before being kicked out
Featured Image Credit: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department / X/Metro Nashville PD

Luke Bryan's bar claims student who went missing had just one alcoholic drink before being kicked out

The 22-year-old reportedly 'one had one alcoholic drink' before his disappearance

The 22-year-old who went missing after visiting Luke Bryan’s popular bar is believed to have 'only had one drink' before being escorted from the premises, the bar has claimed.

Missing college student, Riley Strain, went missing on Friday (March 15) after visiting country star Luke Bryan's restaurant, 32 Bridge bar in Nashville with friends.

After leaving at around 9.45pm, Strain reportedly told his friends that he would meet them at their hotel, which was five blocks away - however, his friends said that he never turned up.

According to the police, the CCTV footage showed him alone and stumbling around.

His parents claimed that he was removed after being 'over served', with Chris Whiteid, Strain’s stepfather, telling FOX 17: "The bartender said he had been over served.

"He was trying to pay his tab.”

However, 32 Bridge Bar staff have since issued a statement about what apparently happened on the night, stating: “During Riley’s visit to Luke’s 32 Bridge, our records show he purchased and was served one alcoholic drink and two waters."

32 Bridge also said they they removed him due to their 'conduct standards', which led to security taking him out of the bar.

Riley Strain has been missing since Friday.
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

They said: "At 9:35 p.m., our security team made a decision based on our conduct standards to escort him from the venue through our Broadway exit at the front of our building.

“He was followed down the stairs with one member of his party. The individual with Riley did not exit and returned upstairs.”

The bar have suggested that they are 'working closely with authorities' in the search to find the missing man, adding: "In our effort to help the Nashville Metro Police Department’s Missing Persons investigation of Riley Strain, we proactively provided detailed information quickly after his visit to our business on March 8.

“Additionally, we proactively engaged in communication with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission and will continue to communicate and provide any records needed to aid their ongoing investigation" they said.

"This information included all security camera footage, photos of Riley at our establishment with detailed time stamps, transaction records, and staff accounts."

Police are conducting a search for the 22-year-old.
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Police have attempted to locate Strains - including via helicopter - but so far, he has not been found.

The University of Missouri, where Strains is a student, have also confirmed that they will be helping police find him.

And owner Bryans also reacted to the news of his disappearance, writing on Instagram: "Y'all This Is Scary. Praying For His Safe Return.

"TC Restaurant Group, operator, and owner of Luke's 32 Bridge is continuing to work closely with the Metro Nashville Police Department to provide security camera footage and any other potentially helpful information to aid in the search for Riley Strain.

"Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones for his safe return."

Investigations into his whereabouts are currently ongoing.

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